Crazy, or crazy genius?
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Singer and rapper Drake recently turned 34, and to celebrate, he hosted a high-class, celebrity-filled L.A. birthday party featuring an indoor forest, top hat-styled cakes, and a somewhat questionable dinner menu. While the offerings started with many standard crowd-pleasing dishes (Caesar salad, grilled shrimp, chicken Bolognese), the last menu item left the internet downright disgusted: Mac n' Cheese with capers, sun-dried tomatoes, parsley, and RAISINS. 

Nobody was more repulsed than the people of Twitter. The content that came out of this birthday party was hilarious—people were appalled, upset, and even wanted Drake sued. 

I, however, with an unusual appetite and almost no ounce of picky-eater in me, thought if Drake can eat this, I can too. So I whipped up my very first (and maybe only) batch of mac and cheese with raisins. Here's how I did it.

I opted for a box of Cracker Barrel Parmesan White Cheddar mac, hoping the hint of Parmesan would pair nicely with the other Italian-esque toppings in the dish.  After preparing the whole box according to package instructions, I guess-timated the rest of the measurements: ¼ cup chopped sun-dried tomatoes, ¼ cup raisins (you could use golden, but I went with regular), 2 tablespoons of capers. I tossed those additions in, sprinkled chopped parsley on top, and Voila! A mac-n-cheese monstrosity. 

I'll admit, even the sound of the raisins squishing and squirming around my spoon as I stirred the dish together was enough to make me want to abandon the mission. But I plated up a hefty portion, took a forkful of every component, and… was not all that disgusted at all. The flavor that stood out the most, believe it or not, was actually the parsley (perhaps because I'm not used to my mac and cheese tasting all that fresh). The capers and sun-dried tomatoes added a welcome saltiness and brine, as well as a bit of chewy texture. 

That leads me to the raisins. Surprisingly, they weren't that off-putting at all. Think of the same salty-sweet combo you'd get from smearing fig jam onto a hunk of white cheddar on a charcuterie board. They weren't overwhelming, but balanced out nicely and added a bit of flavor interest. 

Even after hearing my report, you might not be bold enough to try this weirdness, and I don't blame you. But likely, nobody else at the party actually did either. If you look at the printed menu, the item right above is grilled cauliflower, prepared with the EXACT same ingredients. Coincidence? Probably not. Typo? Uh, duh.

Whether this infamous dish was served to the hottest of L.A. celeb's or not, the world may never know, but at least Twitter enjoyed some much needed comedic relief in 2020, and I can cross another flavor-combo bucket item off my list. A win-win.