Throw out the peppermint canes. These soda-flavored ones are a fun change this year.

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If you can't resist an ice-cold Dr. Pepper on a hot day, then you won't be able to resist a Dr. Pepper-flavored candy cane when it's frigid outside either. Or how about a cool can of juicy Crush or a tangy glass of A&W Root Beer. All equally refreshing — and now all in candy can form. That's right, you can now buy soda-flavored candy canes on Amazon, so obviously you need to head on over to purchase them now and make room for them in your Christmas stocking.

Soda Flavored Candy Canes
Credit: Amazon

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The box of 12 candy canes from Frankford Candy has three soda flavors: A&W Root Beer, Crush Orange, and classic Dr. Pepper. You can tell the difference between the three types of candy canes based on color, as they are brown, orange, and red, respectively.

And people seem to like them. One reviewer wrote, "A delicious alternative to traditional peppermint canes. The children, and adults, in the family loved them. True to brand flavors." That sounds pretty exciting.

Now the only thing missing? A Dr. Pepper soy candle to add extra aroma to your living room. It'll be like you're in a Dr. Pepper hotel — since ya know, themed hotels are becoming quite the "thing" the days.

And don't forget to save a few of those tasty candy canes for yourself and not just for decoration. You can eat them plain, dunk them in hot cocoa or spiked mocha, or crush them to use on brownies, cookies, and chocolate mousse.