This seasoned pitmaster is joining us for a BBQ Q&A. Here's how to reach him.
Ray Lampe standing in front of Dr. BBQ Mural
Credit: Ray Lampe

As we prepare for barbeque season, we've enlisted the help of the one and only Dr. BBQ, Ray Lampe, to answer your most burning barbeque questions before you fire up your pit, grill, or smoker. All you have to do is dial 334-293-1297 and record your question as well as your first name and (optional) location. Your pre-recorded questions will air on an upcoming episode of Homemade, the Allrecipes podcast, where Lampe will respond and help you—and all our listeners—have the most successful summer barbeque season ever.

About Dr. BBQ

Pitmaster, author, and television personality Ray Lampe hails from Chicago. He helms the restaurant Dr. BBQ in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he's known for smoke-basted meats and new American barbeque. Lampe has appeared on Food Network's "Chopped" as a contestant and the "World Food Championships," "Tailgate Warriors With Guy Fieri," and "American Grilled" as a judge.