By Lindsey Otta

12 reasons to celebrate National Doughnut Day every day.

1)Funfetti Donut Holes—a bite-sized party.

Photo by Ashley Rodriguez

2) When you want to pretend to be fancy.

Photo by Ashley Rodriguez

3) Doughnut breakfast sammy—calm down.

4) Glazed Donut Strawberry Shortcake—yeah you read that right.

Photo by Kim

5) The famous Cronut.

How to Make Cronuts, Part I and Part II.

6) Transport yourself to New Orleans' French Quarter with some homemade Beignets.

7) Churros—"The Spanish Doughnut."

8) Get nostalgic with some country fair funnel cake.

9) When you have leftover doughnuts, make bread pudding.

10) Pumpkin + doughnuts = awesome.

11) These donuts are baked not fried, so these are healthy...right?

12) Mini muffins that taste just like doughnut holes.

Donut Muffin recipe.
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