Dolly and many others contribute favorite recipes for musician's relief.
Dolly Parton: 50 Years at the Opry - Season 2019
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COVID-19 has devastated pretty much every American industry, including those that could keep doing business uninterrupted. But musicians — and the nightlife venues they perform in — have seen their work grind to a halt immediately, with no clear timeline for getting back on the stage in sight.

Given that musicians and other "non-essential" folks have had a lot of time — or should I say thyme — to spend in the kitchen lately, the Music Health Alliance has come up with an ingenious idea to raise money and provide comfort (food) at a time of need.

It's called the All the Thyme in the World Community Cookbook, and it features 277 crowd-sourced recipes representing time-honored, family-favorite eats from a wide variety of musicians and other professionals in the devastated industry.

Though a cookbook that doubles as a COVID-19 fundraiser is worth picking up in its own right, let's be real: you should buy this because Dolly Parton will show you how to make Mama Dean's Chili and Spaghetti. Real disciples of Dollywood may know that this isn't the first time she's shared a recipe or two (or 125), but the use of her Tennessee cooking skills and star power will definitely help move some units in this case.

As you may or may not already know, this is far from the only way that Parton has pitched in during these strange times. Back in April, she gave a sizable gift to Nashville's Vanderbilt University Medical Center so it can research "a bridge treatment that will save lives until a [COVID-19] vaccine is identified."

According to Forbes, other contributors to the All the Thyme in the World Community Cookbook include Emmylou Harris, Roseanne Cash, a former bass player in David Bowie's band, and many others. All of the proceeds will go to the Music Health Alliance's Covid-19/Tornado Relief fund, first set up when devastating tornadoes ripped through Nashville earlier this year.

So if you're missing out on the Dollywood experience right now, maybe you can get a little it of that feeling back by trying out her recipe while supporting a pretty worthwhile cause. If you make anything else in the cookbook, that's a pretty good bonus.

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