Does Apple Pie Need to Be Refrigerated?

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Fridge space becomes scarce around the holidays. After all, you need somewhere to store all those ingredients and leftovers. Until that overcrowding clears up, you'll want to utilize any space you can, and that means your countertops and freezers are about to become much more valuable. Unlike your holiday ham and casseroles, many desserts, including fruit pies, don't need to be refrigerated immediately, but they do need to be refrigerated eventually. Read on to find out which apple pies need to be refrigerated right away and which can stay on the countertop temporarily, how long apple pies last on the counter and in the fridge, and how to freeze apple pie.

Does Apple Pie Need to Be Refrigerated?

Well, it depends — a regular apple pie that just contains sugar will last up to two days at room temperature, but an apple pie that is made with custard or cream, or has egg in the filling, needs to be refrigerated in order to prevent foodborne illness. Additionally, apple pie made without sugar or with a sugar substitute such as Splenda needs to be refrigerated right away.

How Long Does Apple Pie Last?

A basic apple pie made with sugar will last up to two days at room temperature in an airtight container. Afterwards, it needs to go in the refrigerator and will last there for up to two days. Apple pie made with a sugar substitute or without sugar will last up to two days in the fridge. Apple pie with custard, cream, or eggs in the filling will also last up to two days in the refrigerator.

Can You Freeze Apple Pie?

Standard apple pies (as well as pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and other fruit pies) freeze quite well. Apple pies made with custard, cream, eggs, or dairy should not be stored in the freezer because the temperature will alter their taste and texture. As long as apple pie (with no custard, cream, eggs, or dairy) is tightly wrapped and stored in an airtight container, it will last up to three months in the freezer.

How to Store Apple Pie

On the counter: Store apple pie at room temperature by placing it in an airtight container or sealing it tightly with plastic or aluminum foil. (Again, we're talking about apple pie made with no eggs or dairy.)

In the fridge: Place your pie in an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator for up to two days.

In the freezer: If you're making and freezing a pie ahead of time, let it cool completely before storing. This will prevent warm air from getting trapped and creating moisture. Tightly wrap pie in two layers of plastic wrap and one layer of aluminum foil. Store in an airtight container, such as a large zip-top bag, or cover in another layer of foil. Squeeze out as much air as possible, label clearly, and freeze for up to three months.

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