By Leslie Kelly
July 05, 2016

If food on a stick is super fun to eat, just imagine serving up your own signature cocktail on a stick. Boozy frozen treats are all the rage -- and we have lots of fun recipes -- but you can create your own blend by using booze and fruit you have on hand. Just follow these handy guidelines for creating genius adult beverage-desserts that are a perfect excuse for throwing a summer party.

Tips for Creating Your Blend

  • When it comes to freezing booze, less is better. Make the base too strong and it'll stay slushy, refusing to freeze solid. The recommended ratio is one part alcohol to four parts mixer, which is fairly similar to most cocktail recipes.
  • Using top shelf, premium spirits is a waste of expensive liquor, as the complexity of those high-end products is muted in the freezing process. Middle-of-the-road labels are perfectly fine.
  • If you're worried about those treats freezing, stir in a bit of dissolved gelatin to give it some Jell-O shot cred.
  • Create works of edible art by freezing colorful creations in layers. For instance, stack a layer of strawberry margarita with a few blueberries and finish with a layer of lime margarita for a triple shot of cuteness. Or leave in the muddled mint from a Mojito.
  • Be sure and label those adult ice pops, so the kiddos don't accidentally grab one.
9I5A9007 frozen mai tai edited photo by Matt Wencl
Photo by Matt Wencl

Ideas for Buzzy Frozen Treats

Here are some tried-and-true recipes to use as the foundation to create your own masterpiece - along with paired food suggestions.

Mai Tai Pops

Hello, Tiki Tuesday! The celebration of that kitschy tradition just got a little sweeter. Try tossing some grilled pineapple in the mix to make those pops, pictured above, even more memorable.

Ultimate Frozen Strawberry Margarita

Sure, this drink looks pretty in a glass, but turning it into a portable pop makes so much sense during croquet season. Especially if you're setting a table where there's tons of chips and salsa. Set out a shaker of chili salt and let everybody add a little heat to the sweet.

234705 frozen margarita photo by Tricia Winterele Jaeger edited
Photo by Tricia Winterele Jaeger

The Real Mojito

Minty with a tart citrus kick, this rum-spiked refresher cuts through summer's muggy heat. Skip adding the ice cubes if you're going to turn this one into a frozen pop, and try serving it with some BBQ Teriyaki Pork Kabobs.

679757 mojito by cc hearts to bake edited
Photo by CC

Daiquiri Cocktail

The Daiquiri, an import from Cuba that Ernest Hemingway made famous, has some serious pucker power. Dial back the rum a bit when mixing this slushy creation. Make 'em in the morning and when it's Daiquiri O'Clock, serve them to guests alongside traditional Toasted Cuban Sandwich.

Classic Daiquiri
Classic Daiquiri | Photo by Allrecipes

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