Frozen waffles are in the news, the subject of a recall for possible listeria. It's a wake-up call reminder that making your own homemade waffles is quick and easy -- and it's easy to double the batch, so the extras can be frozen and enjoyed later. Here are a few easy ways to plan for those make-ahead breakfasts during the busy work week.

102662871 waffles photo by Meredith Publishing
Photo by Meredith Publishing

1) Double Up

While mixing that batter, super size the batch. Allrecipes has a cool function that allows cooks to scale up (or down). Just click on the serving size tab and hit those arrows. The payoff is breakfast that feels like brunch even when you're rushing out the door.

To scale a recipe, click on the pie chart image next to recipe yield.

2) Freeze ASAP

We love waffles (so, so much) for their split personality: Crispy on the outside, tender inside. The mistake many make when setting waffles aside for freezing is to stack them up while steamy hot. The key is to keep them separate by placing them on a cookie cooling rack nestled on top of a baking sheet. That way, they don't get soggy. Fill the rack and place a sheet of parchment paper on top and repeat. The parchment allows enough air to flow to they maintain the crisp surface. Place the still-warm waffles in the freezer for an hour. Remove and place waffles in an airtight container such as a plastic bag. They'll keep for at least three months.

3) Reheat Slowly

Zapping in the microwave might seem like the quickest way to get breakfast going, but, again, we're looking to skip the sog, so head toward the toaster. If you're fortunate enough to have an appliance with a defrost setting, hit it. If not, dial down the control to the lowest setting. You might have to repeat a couple of times, but that's better than going too far and burning your morning meal. You can hackify the whole deal by warming frozen waffles into a pre-heated George Foreman grill or a panini press for 4 minutes.

100928128 toaster waffles photo by Meredith Publishing
Photo by Meredith Publishing

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