Disney's 2022 Pride Month Menu Is Its Largest Yet — Here's Everything We Can't Wait to Try

Can't make it to a park? We have the how-to to make several of these at home!

A Liege Belgian waffle drizzled with a rainbow of icing on a plate over a blue burst background
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Happy Pride Month! The pastry chefs and artists at Disney just dropped a new menu of rainbow treats to celebrate LGBTQ+ fans and this year's lineup is the biggest we've ever seen with more than 30 themed eats and drinks. And for the first time, Walt Disney World is incorporating both the Intersectional Pride Flag and Trans Pride Flag into its sugary designs. There's nothing sweeter than the most marginalized groups of the LGBTQ+ community being recognized and celebrated. We've highlighted our favorite creations below, from watermelon marshmallows to cake-scented straws. Yes. You read that right. Can't make it to Disneyland or Disney World this month? Don't worry. We're also sharing the tips, tricks and techniques to whip up theme park magic in your own kitchen.

Pride Month Menu Items at Disney World

Pride Sprinkles Cupcake

A white cup cake with rainbow sprinkles spilling out of the center topped with pink icing and a rainbow emblem.

Sprinkles at Disney Springs, Disney World's outdoor shopping and dining center, is a must-visit in general because it has a cupcake ATM and that is hands-down the most fun way to buy baked goods. But for Pride Month, Sprinkles will feature a birthday cake-flavored cupcake topped with strawberry frosting and stuffed with a surprise center of rainbow sprinkles. You can recreate this at home with the Rainbow Piñata Cake from user Sally's Baking Addiction.

Pride Flag Tart

This Key lime tart is available at the Cheshire Cafe in the Magic Kingdom and features a chocolate disc with the Intersectional or Philadelphia Pride Flag to show solidarity with people of color within the LGTBQ+ community. Bite-sized Key lime treats are easy to pull off at home thanks to mini Graham cracker shells from the grocery store and this Mini Key Lime Pies recipe from user Lisawas. For the Pride Flag disc, you can use edible markers to decorate white chocolate wafers.

Pride Madeleines

6 Madeleine cookies in a box each covered in a different color icing — purple, blue, yellow, green, orange, and red — to make a rainbow.

The lemon madeleines at Disney's Riviera Resort are an all-time favorite treat. And for Pride Month, these classic sponges are getting dipped in edible glitter. BRB, booking a flight to Orlando. If you've never tried a Madeleine cookie before, this recipe has fool-proof steps, tips and temps for the classic cake-y cookies. And here's how to make Lemon Madeleines at home. As for edible glitter, I highly recommend these color sprays from Wilton. It's not as messy as loose glitter, especially if you're baking with kids.

Mickey Mouse Cake Pops

A Mickey-shaped cake pop covered with dark chocolate and a rainbow of colored chocolate drizzled on top.

You can find Mickey Mouse-shaped cake pops two ways in the Magic Kingdom. Both versions feature confetti cake dipped in white chocolate, but the exteriors are decorated as the Intersectional Pride Flag and the Trans Pride Flag. If you're a cake pop newbie, we've got great tips for making the best, moist cake pops at home and avoiding a crumbly mess.

Pride Marshmallows

A box of colored square marshmallows lined up to form a rainbow.

Even if you can't afford a stay at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, it's worth a visit because the restaurants are amazing, from fine dining to quick service. And for June, Gasparilla's Island Grill will have rainbow marshmallows. But wait there's more: Each marshmallow is a different flavor based on something of that color in nature. Well, except for blue raspberry. But beyond the great berry lie, there's watermelon for red, blood orange for orange, coconut for yellow (Fine, coconuts aren't yellow) green apple for green and blueberry for purple. If you're curious about what exactly is in a marshmallow, here's how to make your own at home.

Pride Liege Waffle

A Liege Belgian waffle drizzled with a rainbow of icing.

Epcot's Liege Waffle is already one of our favorite Disney snacks of all time and now it's getting a rainbow makeover. The Pride Month edition will feature colorful icing stripes instead of a typical dollop of chantilly cream. Though, we're still big fans of the Liege Waffle plain and sugared so you can really savor that sweet, rich dough. Recreate this treat at home with user BRSMITH63's Liege waffle recipe. Then just whip up a quick icing and add food dye to make your own rainbow striping on top.

Pride Roll Sponge Cake

Instead of a basic rainbow layer cake, Walt Disney World resorts are rolling out this impressive sponge. The Rainbow of Pride vanilla cake roll features a lemon cheesecake filling and a chocolate disc with the Intersectional Pride Flag. To make your own rainbow roll at home, we have a great step-by-step for easy, pretty stripes. And this Lemon Cheesecake Dip from user ELSERRANO would make the perfect filling.

Pride Layered Cocktail

A cocktail with 3 layers — red, yellow, and blue — form a rainbow in a hurricane glass topped with a glowing flower floating on top.

For the 21+ crowd, Nomad Lounge has a new Pride cocktail that tastes like a tropical vacation and looks incredibly impressive thanks to the layers of spirits and mixers that float on top of each other to create a rainbow in a glass. You can master this bartender trick at home by planning each layer based on its alcohol density or "specific gravity." The heaviest layers go on the bottom. The lightest layers go on top. Once you know the order, pour each ingredient (slowly!) over a spoon and into a hurricane glass. As for the recipe, this cocktail is strong with Absolut Citron Vodka, Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Cruxland Gin, pineapple juice, sour mix, Chambord, a splash of Sprite, Blue Curaçao and a glow cube.

Pride Frangipane Cake

EPCOT's World Showcase is celebrating Pride Month this year with a classic European treat. Over in the Norway Pavillion at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe, you'll find this Almond frangipane cake layered with chocolate ganache. If you're wondering, "What is frangipane?" and "How do you make it?" this is a great excuse to try it! And for Chocolate Ganache newbies, we have a great 101 to get glossy, creamy chocolate every time.

Pride Month Menu Items at Disneyland

Pride Rice Crisp Treat

A rice crispy treat studded with rainbow cereal pieces topped with white icing, more rainbow cereal and Mickey hands forming a heart with a rainbow in the center.

Disney offered a regular rice cereal treat for Pride Month last year, but this year Disneyland is taking it to the next level with a new Fruit-flavored crisped rice bar. Translation: It added Fruity Pebbles to Rice Krispies and we're big, big fans because Allrecipes fans have been doing this for years! Our community recipe (thanks to user VoraciousGirl) even adds Funfetti batter to make it more colorful. Did you know you can add cake batter to rice cereal treats? Yes, really. This hack is an absolute must-try.

Pride Shortbread Cookie

Is it really a trip to Disneyland without a Mickey-shaped cookie? This white chocolate-dipped treat is pretty easy to recreate at home thanks to this easy, four-ingredient recipe and a Mickey-shaped cookie cutter.

Pride Rainbow Layer Cake

A 6-layer rainbow cake with white frosting between each layer and topped with rainbow sprinkles. A triangle slice of cake sits on a plate in the foreground with a full round cake in the background.

In addition to the Pride cupcake at Disney World, the Sprinkles at Disneyland's Downtown Disney will also serve giant, fluffy slices of rainbow layer cake. This classic vanilla bake is incredibly easy to make at home. You just need this Easy Six-Layer Rainbow Cake recipe from user Magda and our four-ingredient, five-star Basic Cream Cheese Frosting.

Pride Rainbow Pretzel Rods

Pretzel rods coated with a rainbow of colored chocolate and decorated with sprinkles.

If you love sweet and salty together, head to Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and Spa for rainbow chocolate-dipped pretzel rods. We always make these treats around Halloween as magic wands, but we love seeing these side-by-side to create each stripe in the Pride Flag.

Pride Cake Straw

OK, this one isn't edible. But it's perhaps the coolest piece of merch we've ever seen. Why drink out of a plain straw when you can drink out of a rainbow cake-scented straw? We're itching to get to Anaheim and try this out with soda to see if we get ice cream float vibes with the flavors and scents. The straw will be available at more than a dozen restaurants and snack carts throughout both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure.

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