Disney Shared Their Molasses Crackle Cookie Recipe Just in Time for Christmas

And a whole bunch of other cookie recipes, too.

Look, there may have been a brief window of time in 2020 where a masked, socially-distant Disney World experience made sense. But with winter coming and Covid-19 cases spiking, traveling to a theme park just isn't really a great idea at the moment.

The good news is that just like during our first round of lockdowns, Disney Parks is helping out its dedicated fans in the kitchen thanks to yet another recipe unearthed from the vault. This time they've decided to let the world in on the secret of a few different cookie recipes, but none of them looks better than the Molasses Crackle Cookies from Disney's Wilderness Lodge Bakery.

The name alone should already have you excited about these cookies, and the recipe (downloadable here) does not disappoint. With a flavor profile that adds the spicy tastes of cinnamon, ginger, and clove alongside the titular molasses, you could make a case that these things are technically a kind of Christmas cookie.

disney's molasses crackle cookies
Disney Parks Blog

Don't let the ingredients list throw you off your game, though, as these aren't really that hard to assemble once you have everything you need. It's simply a matter of mixing the canola oil and sugar before adding molasses and an egg and thoroughly blended. Once you throw those dry ingredients to the mix, it's just a matter of scooping balls, rolling them in sugar, and letting them bake for 10 to 12 minutes.

Though there's no denying that combining molasses and spice is sure to be a hit, any of Disney's collection of National Cookie Day-inspired recipes from earlier this month would surely be a hit. For last-minute festivity, a stack of Belle's Enchanted Christmas Tree macarons look amazing, and those who want to at least feel a little healthier with their baking can opt for Disney's recipe for whole wheat chocolate chip cookies.

Regardless of what cookie ultimately suits you, there's no reason to stop baking now. And after a year like this one, it's about time we started treating every day like National Cookie Day.

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