What a magical way to say "be mine."
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Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort's February lineup of desserts are heart-warming, pun-tastic and completely over-the-top, from a Minnie Mouse hot chocolate piñata to rose-shaped panna cotta. But if you can't visit the mouse house on either coast this Valentine's Day, we've figured out some hacks to recreate these themed treats in your own kitchen. Even sweeter: Mickey sent us a couple of ideas from Disney confectionery artists around the world.

1. Sweetheart Minnie Mouse Piñata

Minnie Mouse hot chocolate bomb and wooden mallet
Credit: Courtesy of Disneyland Resort

Hot chocolate bombs have taken the Internet by storm and Disney World has jumped on the trend, too, with these Minnie Mouse piñatas at The Ganachery in Disney Springs. The giant, dark chocolate treat melts or smashes to reveal marshmallow surprises inside. You can make one at home with our How to Make a Hot Chocolate Bomb guide and this sphere mold for less than $10. And don't forget a chocolate mold for Minnie's signature bow!

2. Love Note Heart Piñata

Disney-themed heart-shaped candy box with heart-shaped candies inside, decorated with conversation heart messages
Credit: Courtesy of Disneyland Resort

If you thought the Minnie piñata was over the top, The Ganachery also has the Love Note Heart Piñata with tiny conversation heart-inspired marshmallows inside. You can whip this up at home with a large heart-shaped chocolate mold, a smaller heart-shaped mold for the marshmallows and our Homemade Marshmallows recipe.

3. Strawberries and Champagne Ganache Squares

Disney-themed chocolate ganache squares decorated with a white stencil of Cinderella's carriage
Credit: Courtesy of Disneyland Resort

Disney celebrated Cinderella's 70th anniversary in a big way last year with special, limited edition treats and the celebration is still going strong over at The Ganachery with these Cindy-inspired ganache squares. The velvety-soft bites feature dark chocolate melded with strawberries and Champagne. And there's even a little coach holder you can buy to carry your squares. You can fake it at home with our Strawberry-Filled Chocolate Truffles and five-star Chocolate Ganache.

4. Love is in the Air Petite Cake

Disney-themed mini cake decorated with fondant with cloud and balloon shapes and images from the movie UP
Credit: Courtesy of Disneyland Resort

Calling all Pixar fans. How sweet is this UP!-inspired cake? The tiny cake from Amorette's Patisserie in Disney Springs features a sophisticated take on the classic PB&J sandwich with pink velvet chiffon, strawberry mousse, chocolate chiffon, peanut butter filling, strawberry crisp pearls and strawberry jelly. You can make it at home with our Chiffon Cake, Strawberry Mousse and Peanut Butter Frosting for the filling. And if you want to try your hand at these themed, fondant decorations, check out our 101 guide on working with fondant. However, if you don't want to mess with sculpting, these cloud molds or these tiny cupcake balloons would be perfect for an UP! theme, too.

5. Valentine's Day Sugar Cookie

Disney-themed sugar cookie with tiny red, white, and pink candy hearts pressed into the top of the dough
Credit: Courtesy of Disneyland Resort

Even something as simple as a sugar cookie gets the Valentine's Day treatment at Disney World. Over at EPCOT's Garden Grill Restaurant, you can find this cookie with teeny, tiny heart-shaped sprinkles. Recreate it at home with our top-rated Chewy Sugar Cookies recipe and these mini heart sprinkles.

6. Rose-Shaped Panna Cotta

Disney-themed panna cotta dessert pressed in a mold to look like a pink rose bud decorated with ground pistachios
Credit: Courtesy of Disneyland Resort

Why have panna cotta in a boring old cup when you can shape it?! I never thought about making panna cotta in a decorative mold before I saw this gorgeous rose-shaped panna cotta in the lineup of treats for a Taste of EPCOT International Festival of the Arts. The festival creation has a lot going on flavorwise, too, with a blend of vanilla, rose water and pistachio. To make this at home, use our How to Make Panna Cotta guide and this rose-shaped silicone mold.

7. Valentine Ice Cream Sandwich

Disney-themed ice cream sandwich with chocolate cookies and pink ice cream decorated with red, pink, and white mini heart candies
Credit: Courtesy of Disneyland Resort

Over at Dino-Bite Snacks in Disney's Animal Kingdom, you can find this Valentine Ice Cream Sandwich rolled in festive sprinkles. The frozen treat features strawberry ice cream sandwiched between two thick and chewy chocolate cookies. You can hack it at home with our homemade Strawberry Ice Cream and these brownie-like Chewy Chocolate Cookies.

8. Bee Mine Candy Apple

Disney-themed red candy apples with a candy bee and the word mine in frosting
Credit: Courtesy of Disneyland Resort

Halloween is typically associated with candied apples, but Marceline's Confectionery in Downtown Disney is rolling out these pun-tastic Granny Smiths just for Valentine's Day. The "Bee Mine" apple is double-dipped in caramel and chocolate, and then decorated in white and dark chocolate with a little chocolate bumble bee. To make at home, use our guide on How to Make Caramel Apples and then cover with the chocolate from our Chocolate-Dipped Apples.

9. Strawberry Mickey Cake Pop

Disney-themed cake pop shaped like a Mickey Mouse head with pink and red frosting
Credit: Courtesy of Disneyland Resort

This cute cake pop from Marceline's Confectionery in Downtown Disney flips the script on the classic chocolate-covered strawberries flavor. Instead of dipping a strawberry in chocolate, these tiny Mickey-shaped chocolate cakes are dipped in pink strawberry-flavored chocolate. You can recreate it at home with our Chocolate Cake Pops and these strawberry candy melts. And for that iconic mouse silhouette, you can buy a Mickey Mouse cake pop maker for less than $25 on Amazon. If you're a Prime member, you can snag it with free one-day shipping!

10. Valentine's Day Marshmallow Wand

Marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled with red and white chocolate
Credit: Courtesy of Disneyland Resort

If you haven't been to Disney in a while, it's all about the marshmallow wand. Disneyland has tons of flavors, from churro to s'mores. It's basically an XL marshmallow covered in crunchy toppings or dipped in a ganache and then drizzled in chocolate or coated in more toppings. This portable dessert on a stick is far less messy than melting ice cream. At Marceline's Confectionery in Downtown Disney, there's a limited-time Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Wand that's coated in caramel and decorated with red and pink chocolate for Valentine's Day. You can make this at home with our Homemade Marshmallows and Oh-So-Easy Caramel Sauce. And if you need lollipop sticks, you can buy a pack of 100 from Wilton for about $5.

11. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

large strawberry covered in dark chocolate with white chocolate drizzle
Credit: Courtesy of Disneyland Resort

Chocolate-covered strawberries are synonymous with Valentine's Day and you can find the dipped treats at both Disney World and Disneyland, from an edible bouquet at Amorette's Patisserie in Disney Springs to dark chocolate varieties at Marceline's Confectionery in Downtown Disney. If you've never tried, we've got a handy 101 guide on how to make professional-looking, chocolate-covered strawberries without making a mess in your kitchen!

12. Dreamer's Lookout Chocolate Gift Box

Disney-themed box of chocolates decorated with Mickey Mouse ears, bows, and molded frosting figures
Credit: Courtesy of Hong Kong Disneyland

Over at Hong Kong Disneyland, you can find these adorable mouse-shaped chocolates in the Disney Explorers Lodge. The Dreamer's Lookout Chocolate Gift Box comes with Minnie Mouse chocolate bonbons and milk chocolate truffles as well as Mickey Mouse dark chocolate truffles. And the tiny confections can be personalized with piped letters! You can recreate this at home with our Luscious Chocolate Truffles or Mocha Truffles and our chocolate Bon Bons recipes. For the teeny, tiny mouse ears, use chocolate melting disks or pipe small circles of chocolate on parchment paper and let cool.

13. Sweet on You Milkshake

Milk shake topped with whipped cream, cookies, a brownie, and a Sweet On You chocolate message
Credit: Courtesy of Disney Cruise Line

Post pandemic, the first trip I'm taking is a Disney cruise. Holidays aboard a Disney Cruise Line ship are truly magical, from Halloween on the High Seas to Very Merrytime Cruises. And Valentine's Day is nothing short of sweet — especially on the Disney Fantasy. The ship's Sweet on You ice cream parlor has a lifesize Mickey and Minnie on a date sharing a milkshake that's incredibly precious and perfect for photo ops. If you're craving some DCL magic, you can recreate the Sweet on You Red Velvet Cupcake Milkshake at home with our Red Velvet Milkshake and Moist Red Velvet Cupcakes.

14. Conversation Mickeys

Disney-themed cookies shaped like Mickey Mouse heads with conversation heart messages in frosting
Credit: Courtesy of Disney Eats

Visiting a Disney Park specifically for the food has become just as big as the rides and shows. In the past decade, the Disney culinary team has really upped their game on themed foods with an emphasis on Instagrammable design and unique flavors. The Walt Disney Company even created the social media brand Disney Eats as a place for fans to celebrate Disney-inspired food. The new "Disney Eats" cookbook is full of Mickey-shaped sweets perfect for Valentine's Day such as these Conversation Mickey cookies. To make them at home, you could use our Valentine Conversation Heart Cookies as the base and these $7 Mickey-shaped cookie cutters.