This TikTok Hack Is the Best Trick for Washing Wine Glasses

It’s no secret, but it is a game changer.

wine glasses in a dishwasher
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Just when you thought you knew every dishwashing trick in the book, a brand-new, mind blowing hack pops up on your 'For You' page on TikTok. Recently, it might have been a certain dishwasher tip from @brunchwithbabs, and if it left you speechless, you're not alone.

Among the list of dishwashing best practices mentioned in the TikTok video (which we've complied for you here!), there was one moment that stopped viewers in their tracks. It showcased the one feature you probably aren't utilizing on your kitchen appliance: lowering and raising the top rack.

Although this feature has been around for at least a decade, it might just be one of those things you were, "today years old", before discovering.

In fact, the majority of the comments on the video looked something like this: "THE SHELVES LOWER WHAAAATTTTT", from @k__flemming and, "I'm sorry. My top rack does WHHHAAT?!", from @prettywise19n08. Just watch the utterly stunned reactions from people coming to the realization for themselves.

So what does this mean, and why are people so astonished by it?

If you've ever tried to arrange wine glasses on the top rack of the dishwasher only to find that the long stems crash against the top of the washer, you know how essential an extra inch or two of space can be: game-changing.

Now you can avoid stuffing tall drinkware like water bottles, smoothie cups, and champagne flutes in at awkward angles, or playing Tetris between tumblers and coffee mugs. No longer will you discover little circles of red wine residue trapped in the glass from being washed and dried sideways (you know the kind). You just unlocked the key to washing every item as thoroughly as it needs to be washed.

By the same token, adjusting the top rack to the upward position can help you accommodate larger dirty items like large pots, casserole dishes, and plastic cutting boards. No more splashing water all over your countertops (and yourself) as you scrub and spray a large sheet pan—you can stand it upright in the bottom rack with ease.

Is this feature written out in your dishwasher's user manual? Absolutely. Does anyone refer to their dishwasher manual aside from in times of crisis? We don't think so.

Now, when it comes to glassware, dish-washing versus hand-washing has been largely debated. While wine glasses didn't make our list of kitchen items that absolutely don't belong in the dishwasher, you might want to rethink throwing them in the dishwasher, depending on the quality.

However, the top rack would be the best spot for these fragile items because they're further from the heat source at the bottom of the appliance and, therefore, less likely to become cloudy, cracked, or damaged. And let's be honest, after a long night of cooking or hosting, the last thing you want to do is individually hand wash a half-dozen wine glasses.

How to Adjust the Top Rack of Your Dishwasher

Not all dishwashers are equipped with this function, but it is a common feature in newer models. Similarly, all machines work a little differently, but whether yours has buttons, handles or levers, they should be found on either side or in the center of the top rack. Some models require pulling the entire rack off the runner and moving to a different set of wheels, which is best to do before you've loaded any dishes.

To lower the shelf, simply locate the mechanisms, push them in, and move the rack down to the second height. When you need to move the rack back to the original position, just grab the rack firmly and pull upwards until it's locked into place.

So go ahead—run to the kitchen and find out for yourself if this feature is the one thing you didn't know your dishwasher could do. It might just leave you stunned.

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