Photo by Vanessa Greaves

A simple toothbrush can do a whole lot more than clean your teeth.

That long handle and fine bristles are tailor-made to handle certain kitchen chores better than a sponge or scrub brush can. Here are 9 smart ways to use a toothbrush to clean up your kitchen:

  1. Clean food off the cutting wheels of a can opener
  2. Scrub a cheese grater
  3. Scrub the base of your sink's faucet and handles
  4. Clean around stove burners and dials
  5. Clean the bits out of a garlic press
  6. Brush crumbs out of your toaster and waffle iron
  7. Scrub dried food from between fork tines
  8. Clean off the threads of bottles and jars before screwing lids back on
  9. Clean out cans before recycling

(You know, of course, that I'm not talking about using the same toothbrush to do your teeth. Right?)

Throw that toothbrush in the dishwasher once in a while, too. It should last you a good long time.

Here's to clean living!

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