By Allrecipes Staff
September 05, 2016

This week's kitchen battle pits "lean and healthy" against "let's enjoy cream sauce." Our two home cooks went to opposite corners for their Dinner Spinner challenge: Create a pork main dish that's ready in under two hours.

In one corner is our Southern comfort-food lover Nikki, who does not hold back on the rich cream and butter. Her pork chops are decadent and smothered with sauce. She also deploys stealth veggie tactics, taking measures to hide the healthy ingredients from her kids. Kid friendly enough for you?

Nikki adds one spice the judges love. No, not that one.

In the other corner is Eric, a dad who directs a heart transplant program, so don't look for sat fats in his cooking! He takes a totally different tack with his original creation, stuffing his pork rollups with a bunch of fruits and veggies – and also jalapenos. Eric wins the "best use of kitchen string" award. Would your family eat this fiery-sweet dish?

Eric fries up fruit while Chef Gabe eggs him on

The judges had their hands (and mouths) seriously full with this decision. Watch the episode on Saturday morning, October 1 (find local showtimes here) and find out whether cream conquered lean!

Do you agree with the judges' decision? Try making these recipes and favorite the one you like best -- and post a rating based on your thoughts. We'll tally up the Allrecipes community's favorites, ratings, and reviews to determine the "viewer's choice" award!

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