Crazy-busy or traveling? Turn to these healthy-ish fast food and store-bought breakfast ideas.
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On those mornings when you just *can't* and didn't plan ahead by whipping up freezer smoothie packs or overnight oats in advance, these supermarket products and fast food menu items will cover your nutrition bases (and taste amazing, of course). Consider these your happy medium between skipping breakfast and fussing over the stove to make a full blue plate special.

We tapped Mary Stewart, RD, LD, the founder of Cultivate Nutrition in Dallas; Katherine Brooking, RD, co-founder of the nutrition news company Appetite for Health in San Francisco; and Ashley Reaver, RD, an Oakland, Calif.-based registered dietitian and the creator of the Lower Cholesterol Longer Life Method to dish about what they snag — and recommend to clients — to fuel up on hectic mornings.

What to Look For in a Healthy Grab-and-Go Breakfast

To be worthy of a spot on this best-of list, each recipe:

  • Features a source of lean protein and healthy fat
  • Includes some whole-grain, high-fiber carbs
  • Is low in saturated fat, added sugar, and sodium
  • Has enough calories (about 400) and protein (15 to 20 grams) to keep you full until lunch

Bonus points go to those that feature one or more bright, natural color, such as a vibrant blue or red from berries or bright green via spinach.

"And if you need a caffeine kick in the morning, aim for options that have no added sugar," Stewart suggests. (Our DIY Cold Brew Coffee is a stellar option.)

Healthy Grab-and-Go Breakfast Ideas, Approved by Dietitians

Fast Food

Already left the house and need to snag something on the way to the office, as you run errands, or while dropping off the kids to school? Swing by the drive-thru for one of these dietitian-approved picks.


Stock up for a rainy — OK, busy — day by investing in these on your next supermarket run. Or order online and have them delivered to your door.

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