By Leslie Kelly

Hectic schedules mean there's a nightly challenge for putting together something quick and tasty. That challenge goes double when you're diabetic and need to be extra mindful of maintaining a steady blood sugar level. We're here to help, scouring the more than 800 diabetic-appropriate recipes for main course options that are ready in the time it takes to watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Please remember these are actual cooking times, not counting prep. So, get everything ready in the morning and put it all together in the evening. Boom, you're a kitchen hero!

Let's Go Surfing

When it comes to lean, satisfying protein, it's tough to top seafood. Not only is fish full of essential nutrients -- wild salmon is the king of Omega-3 fatty acids -- it's lightening quick to go from fridge to pan to table. Fruit salsa works here because the protein and fat balance the natural sugars.

Photo by Meredith

And Then There's Turf

Thank goodness for chicken, right? It comes to the rescue in countless ways, the blank canvas upon which so many flavors blossom like sunflowers in August. Boneless chicken breasts cook in no time, and are especially adept at filling you up without weighing you down.


Rice and beans is the classic combo that makes so much sense on the nutritional front, the starch completing the protein chain that helps the body absorb nutrients. Using canned beans cuts down on the cooking time.

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