First things first. You've made your Spam, right? If not, Stef at the Cupcake Project has the recipe.

No mystery, folks. Homemade Spam is just four ingredients:

OK, true, we don't always have time for DIY Spam. In which case, grab a can let's get Spammin'!

The best recipes to make with Spam

1. Spam Musubi

"A popular snack in Hawaii, it's a type of sushi with marinated cooked spam. I got this recipe from a local Hawaiian friend." - Rashad Maiden

Photo by Joanna

2. Spam Muffins

"This recipe is totally forgiving. We really liked the thickness. The basil was wonderful but felt you could leave it out with the SPAM. It's a keeper for sure." - mis7up

Photo by mis7up

3. Bread Spam Steaks

"Mmmm...we get these in chunks at the MN State Fair as 'Spam Curds.' Drizzle with ranch and barbeque sauce." - purplebombshell

Photo by pelicangal

4. Spam Pizza Burgers

"Lunch meat, cheese and chili are blended and baked onto buns to make delicious pizza-like treats. Quick and simple. Delicious!" - C Bogardus

Photo by bd.weld

5. SPAM Fries with Spicy Garlic Sriracha Dipping Sauce

"Deliciously salty and the kids loved them! The key is making sure they are crisp all around!" - The Gruntled Gourmand

Photo by bd.weld

6. Spam Burgers

"These tasty open-face Spam burgers are simple to make. Few ingredients, quick cooking time, and great taste." - J Meissner

Photo by Soup Loving Nicole

7. Island-Style Fried Rice

"Everyone in Hawaii has their own version of fried rice. This is mine." - chen

Photo by ALFANN02

So that's seven. But there are still more ways to bedazzle that homemade Spam...

8. Mrs. Payson's SPAM and Grits Brunch Casserole

"You've got to try this!" says MRS PAYSON. "It converts any SPAM-haters that may be lurking in your house. Put this together the night before, and sleep in late!"

9. Spam-a-licious Not-So-Caesar Salad

"Don't underestimate the Spam," says Jemma. "When cooked, it is almost undistinguishable from crispy bacon. Give it a try!"

10. Loco Moco

"Rice, eggs, Spam, gravy, yummm," says MAKAIO420.

11. Spam and Napa Cabbage

"This recipe comes out of Hawaii," says Arva. "I have been making it for about 20 years now. It is very good, easy to make and everyone I have made this for loves it. I serve it on top of a bed of rice."

12. Spam Puffs

"This got me first place in a Spam 'cookoff,'" says KerryT. "They are fast and easy hors d'oeuvres and are always a hit during Sunday football!"

13. Spam on the Go

"A can of Spam, spaghetti noodles, green onions and garlic all sauteed with soy sauce and sesame oil," says CLAUDINE TERLAJE.

14. SPAM-a-licious Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting

"I accepted a challenge from another AR member," says Keri, "who asked me to make a dessert using SPAM luncheon meat. It was a success!"

15. Hawaiian Spam Bites

"Tasty bite-size pillows filled with Spam and pineapple are served with sweet chili sauce for dipping," says lazevedo. "These are super easy to prepare, but do take a bit of time to fill and shape the pillows."