Take your breakfast oatmeal to the next level with delicious toppings.

There are endless good reasons to start your day with a bowl of oatmeal: it packs a healthy punch as a great source of B vitamins, minerals, and soluble fiber that leaves you feeling fuller longer. It also helps lower LDL cholesterol (a.k.a. the "bad" cholesterol), and all the good things that go along with that. And the cherry on top? Well, the toppings! Oatmeal can take on whatever flavors you're in the mood for, and we've gathered up some of our most delicious ideas to get you started.

Apple Pie 

It's like dessert for breakfast, only healthy. Top your oatmeal with sauteed chopped apples, cinnamon, crushed walnuts, and a light sprinkling of brown sugar might, and you just might fool your taste buds into thinking it's the real thing. Want more of a pumpkin spice flavor? Add pinches of nutmeg, ginger, and cloves. 

Berry Bomb

What kind of berries, you ask? Well, that's up to you! Top your oatmeal with whatever's in season or dig into your freezer stash. Then add some hemp seeds for a good dose of protein without distracting from your explosion of berry deliciousness, and sprinkle on some granola for a little crunch.

Cherry Almond Oatmeal
Cherry Almond Oatmeal
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Add a spoonful of peanut butter (or your favorite alternate nut butter) and jelly, then swirl to create a breakfast version of this lunchtime fave. Get extra fancy with crushed peanuts and real berries if you like.

Banana Split

A.k.a., the breakfast sundae. Minus the ice cream. (It is still breakfast after all.) Top your oatmeal with sliced bananas, crushed peanuts, a dusting of cocoa powder, and a dollop of vanilla yogurt or cashew cream. With a cherry on top, of course.

Peaches 'n' Cream

It's a Georgia summer in a bowl. Sliced peaches, a little cinnamon sprinkle, and a dollop of vanilla yogurt or cashew cream is all you need for this one. Maybe top it all off with some crushed, toasted pecans? Your call! Stir and enjoy. 

Savory Oats with a Kick

Not really a sweet breakfast kind of person? No problem! Try a bowl of oats topped with either a soft-boiled or fried egg, salsa, avocado, and some jalapeno slices if you can take the heat. Or how about some cooked greens, garlic, and onions alongside that egg? Season with salt and pepper.

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