By Kate Yeager

1) Tostadas | 10 Minutes

Use store-bought soft corn or flour tortillas to keep the crunch alive!

2) Spicy Cilantro Shrimp With Honey Lime Dipping | 10 Minutes

Tries these shrimp for their zest—and the honey lime dipping sauce.

3) Parmesan Zucchini And Corn | 10 Minutes

Creamy parmesan with fresh zucchini and corn—a seasonal treat.

4) Egg-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes With Avocado | 10 Minutes

Got avocados on the brain? Take those green machines and add them to your favorite starch for an extra serving of vegetables.

5) Avocado Stuffed Tuna Melts | 10 Minutes

A tuna melt you eat with a spoon? Yes please!

6) Creamy Dill | 10 Minutes

Paleo, creamy, and delicious all in under 10 minutes!

7) Best Veggie Sandwich | 10 Minutes


This veggie sandwich will have you asking for veggies more often! Add some hot sauce to up the spice ante.