Happily, the process for boning a chicken breast is a very simple one: you'll master the method in no time at all!

1. The breast might have cartilage, bone, and tendons remaining from the original removal of the breast from the whole chicken.

2. Remove the entire wing from the breast, being careful to leave as much meat as possible on the breast portion. We like to remove the wing tips (as shown in the photo), saving the tips for stock, and using the wings in another recipe.

3. Next, separate the meat from the ribs. With the breast skin-side up, start at the breastbone and use your knife to make a cut along the length of the bone.

  • Make short, scraping cuts very close to the ribs, while gently pulling the meat away with your other hand.
  • Continue to cut with your knife close to the bone, and remember, never cut towards your fingers.
  • Reserve the bones for making stock (keep them in the freezer in a zipper bag until you're ready to use them) or discard them.

4. Remove as much skin from the breast as you would like. Keep in mind a skinless breast contains less fat than a breast with skin intact. However, a skinless breast will require a small amount of added fat to sear or fry it nicely. You can cut the chicken breast into small chunks to add to a stir fry, cut it into strips, or leave the chicken breast whole to be fried, barbequed, or seared.

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