By Allrecipes Staff
October 21, 2014

Celebrate Día de los Muertos!

Sugar Skulls
Sugar Skulls | Photo by Meredith

In Mexico and other parts of the world, families celebrate and honor the lives of their loved ones and ancestors on the first and second days of November.

Bread of the Dead

Families bring orange marigolds and gifts of fruits, skull-shaped candies, liquor, and wines to gravesites.

One of the most common offerings is a sweet yeast bread called Pan de Muertos. Often the loaves are oval or round and topped with bone shapes.

Pan de Muertos
Pan de Muertos | Photo by Meredith

Since Pan de Muertos is an enriched bread -- made with butter, sugar, and eggs -- it will take longer to rise than lean doughs. See Baking Yeast Breads for more tips.

Mexican Night

Whether you're heading to the cemetery on All Souls' Day or are staying indoors, warm spirits with a Mexican meal.

South Texas Borracho Beans
South Texas Borracho Beans | Photo by lutzflcat