Looking to plan a special night with your favorite date, but want to keep things low-key and close to home? We've rounded up some recipes that are worth staying in, for but also worthy of date-night status. Choose your favorite main dish, then pair with a recommended side and dessert. And the wine is all you—cheers!

Perfect Pastas

Go with a bit of a Lady and the Tramp vibe and put some pasta on the stove for dinner. Start with a Caesar salad, choose your own adventure pasta dish, and finish the meal off with some panna cotta.

Pasta Ai Fiori Di Zucca (Pasta with Zucchini Blossoms)
Image by naples34102.

Chicken That's a Cut Above

Take the usual chicken dinner up a few notches with one of these elevated chicken recipes. Serve with some Pecan Rice and Savory Green Beans, then finish the evening off with Fresh Blueberry Cake.

Image by Lilsnoo.

Casual Fare with Some Flair

Want it to be fun, but not too fancy? These recipes add just a little sparkle to some of your favorite go-tos. For dessert, just pick up some ice cream at the store and drizzle on some Praline Sundae Topping.

Image by Heinkers.

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