The countdown to Christmas is nearly over, which means now you can start a new countdown to the arrival of Dark Chocolate flavored Oreo cookies!

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Bust out your new 2019 calendar and mark January 2nd for the nationwide arrival of dark chocolate Oreos. In comparison to some of more wacky flavors and products such as carrot cake Oreos and the Oreo music box and the limited-edition flavors of peppermint bark and strawberry shortcake, dark chocolate seems pretty basic. The Oreo folks must have confidence in this new flavor though, because it's going to be their newest permanent flavor.

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These new dark chocolate Oreos taste very similar to the classic white creme-filled Oreo with perhaps just slightly richer cocoa flavor. The chocolate cookies are the same cookies you grew up eating when you visited Grandma's house, but the filling is where you can see (and taste) the change. These new Oreos are dark on dark. Classic chocolate cookies sandwich in the dark chocolate-flavored creme.

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Our team was lucky enough to get an early taste-test of the newest Oreo flavor and were rather surprised how much this new dark chocolate flavor tastes like the original. No complaints here, most of us chose original as our favorite flavor (regular or double-stuf is far more controversial), so this minor twist on the classic is sure to please Oreo fans.

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