Dairy Queen Just Brought Back Their Frozen Hot Chocolate

Cocoa lovers, rejoice!

It's November, which means that Big Hot Chocolate is already out in full force trying to convince you that it's time to start sipping on some cocoa as the weather gets colder. But what about the kind of people committed to drinking iced coffee year-round? How are they supposed to enjoy "hot" chocolate, huh? The good news is that Dairy Queen has an answer. Like in years past, November will mark the return of the Frozen Hot Chocolate. This signature seasonal beverage that turns the very idea of "hot" chocolate upside down— possibly literally given Dairy Queen's track record of flipping their beverages.

So what the heck is a Frozen Hot Chocolate? Well, it's pretty simple. It starts with a whole lot of rich cocoa fudge to try and lock in that "hot chocolate" taste. From there, it's blended with Dairy Queen's vanilla soft serve (which definitely feels counterintuitive) before it's finished off with whipped topping and a bit of rich, chocolatey drizzle to really drive the point home that this really is a hot chocolate that could give you brain freeze.

dq frozen hot chocolate
Dairy Queen

Of course, you could reasonably argue that this Frozen Hot Chocolate is just a richly chocolatey milkshake rather than a hot chocolate. At the same time, is a hot cocoa flavored-cake really a hot chocolate? It's hard to say for sure, and the only thing I know for sure is that this isn't the kind of philosophical exploration into the nature of hot chocolate that I'd initially planned on having today.

Anyways, if a cooled-down version of hot chocolate sounds good to you, point yourself to the nearest Dairy Queen. Much like hot chocolate weather itself, this treat may not be around forever, so don't let your chance to grab one melt away.

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