Freshen up your space with some sweet shades.
Dairy Queen
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What better time to work on your home — spring cleaning closets, adding fresh new paint to the walls, or rearranging some furniture — than when stuck inside social distancing, right? It’s a fun activity to pass the time, it helps you tackle a chore you’ve been putting off, and it can totally revamp your living space, giving it a fresh new feel to make staying at home feel new, exciting, and different. That's something we all need right now.

And if you are going to repaint the walls and add a pop of color to brighten up your space, you might as well go with a delicious edible treat, so you know, you can eat the inspiration for the paint you're rolling onto walls.

Plus, now you can! Dairy Queen just teamed up with Benjamin Moore to help you inject pops of color into your home with a fun palette of vibrant, and super tasty colors inspired by the new DQ Treat Collection, which is now available at participating DQ locations nationwide.

Whether it’s your kitchen, your deck, or your front door that’s screaming for a makeover and lively new shade, DIY it and get your sweet tooth on with DQ’s spring and summer season’s best treats and walk away feeling peppier than ever.

The colors include:

  • Lemonade Twisty Misty Slush, which is a blue raspberry, lemon and lime, lemonade that is sweet and tart and shows up in yellow, blues and greens for the palate.
Lemonade Twisty MISTY Slush (2)
Credit: Dairy Queen
  • Dipped Strawberry Cake Cupfection, which is DQ soft serve in vanilla with layered vanilla cake, strawberries, and crunchy chocolate coating for the topper, and it comes in a palette of red, pink, brown and white.
Dipped Strawberry Cake Cupfection (2)
Credit: Dairy Queen
  • Tiramisu Cake Shake, which is hand-spun shake with DQ soft serve, the layered vanilla cake, and a jolt of coffee, with some cocoa powder dusted on top. The palette is made of rich browns, tans, and beiges.
Credit: Dairy Queen
  • Cotton Candy Dipped Cone, which is a DQ soft serve with pastel blue Cotton Candy coating, and it has two colors to mix together—white and light, baby blue.
Credit: Dairy Queen
  • Non-Dairy Dilly is a dairy-free take on the Dilly Bar that’s vegan and made with coconut cream and has a crunchy chocolate coating. The palette has two colors — white and brown.
Non-Dairy Dilly Pin
Credit: Dairy Queen

We cannot wait to please our taste buds and add a pop of pizzazz to our walls this summer!

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