By Kimberly Holland

Yes, there are vegetables, but you'd never know it if you didn't read the label.

Daily Harvest revolutionized the mail-delivery meal game in 2014 when they first launched their home delivery smoothie kits. Each cup, filled with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, made for a fast and healthful meal or snack, and it cut the hassle of waiting in line at a smoothie or corner sandwich shop just for a blend of papaya and pineapple.

Photo: Daily Harvest

Now, they're mixing things up again with the release of three brand-new snack-sized Bites, cookie-dough like desserts that are rich, decadent, and deceptively healthier than other ready-to-eat sugary concoctions. Each is reminiscent of a far more sinful sweet, but they're built on a bed of ingredients like dates, avocado, chickpeas, cacao, pumpkin, and coconut.

Can anything with ingredients this wholesome be delicious? We were skeptical. But those 3 p.m. cravings come every day, and they send us scrambling for something special to snack on while we work away at our desks. Naturally, then, we're curious about anything poppable.

We recently taste tested the new Bites, which are available starting August 15. Here's what our panel of tasters had to say:

Photo: Daily Harvest

Hazelnut + Chocolate Bites

Imagine if you made cookie dough but in place of chocolate chips and walnuts you used Nutella and crunchy bits of hazelnut. That's what biting into one of the Hazelnut + Chocolate Bites is like. Instead of sugar and butter, you're eating avocado for smooth texture, dates for sweetness, and deep, dark organic cacao for that unforgettable rich chocolate flavor. Do eat from frozen, as the cup suggestions, because once these warm up, it's like eating sticky batter, which isn't entirely unappealing, but definitely not the best experience with these snacks. To buy: $7 per cup;

Photo: Daily Harvest

Cacao Nib + Vanilla Bites

From looks alone, you'd think you're in for a cookie dough-esque experience with these Cacao Nib + Vanilla Bites. While each nibble does deliver good texture, sweetness, and crunch, the flavor is more elevated protein bar than sinful scoop of cookie dough from the batter bowl. The base of these bites is chickpeas, which might surprise you, but if you're familiar with our Paleo-friendly No-Bake Chickpea Cookie Dough, you know those legumes really can be transformed into a dessert-like treat with the right mix of ingredients. Here, sweetness is bolstered by organic dates, vanilla bean, and a bit of organic coconut. These were the group's favorite, but only just. To buy: $7 per cup,

Photo: Daily Harvest

Coconut + Lemon Bites

Daily Harvest's Coconut + Lemon Bites were our second-place snack selections, and honestly, we could just say these tied. The sweet-tart mix of lemon and coconut with the hint of cinnamon was reminiscent of a snickerdoodle, but with a fresh citrus twist. Ginger pops through at the back of your throat, and one taster remarked that it reminded her of coconut curry — but in a good way. To each snacker their own interpretation, we suppose. To buy: $7 per cup,

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