It's part of a whole new line of creative snacks.
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two bags of Gold Emblem Extreme Hot Fire Balls, 2 OZ on a two-tone orange background
Credit: CVS

CVS has been a vying for a space in the snacking sphere for a few years, with great entries like Thanksgiving stuffing-flavored cashews and Confetti Cake Batter Bite-Sized Cookies, even pantry staples. If their newest products say anything about the retail pharmacy's approach to earning a spot in Americans' snack-loving hearts, it's this: they aren't afraid to experiment.

Indeed, one of their latest products, Gold Emblem Extreme Hot Fire Balls, is a big, bold step up in their snacking offerings. CVS describes the puffed snacks as ideal for people "who love to turn up the heat," and it will leave you reveling "in glorious fiery goodness bite after flaming hot bite."

The Hot Fire Balls are part of CVS's new Snack Scene displays. This month, more than 3,500 CVS stores nationwide will introduce these Snack Scene displays, a curated selection of $1, $2, and $3 items that will serve as a one-stop-shop for all your snacking needs. (The Hot Fire Balls are $1 for a two-ounce bag.)

The displays will house the company's exclusive Gold Emblem brand products. In addition to the Extreme Hot Fire Balls, you may find:

  • Gold Emblem abound Single Serve Spicy Queso Tortilla Chips
  • Gold Emblem abound Single Serve Kale and Spinach Chips
  • Gold Emblem abound Single Serve Sriracha Roasted Chickpeas
  • Gold Emblem Single Serve Everything Bagel Cashews
  • Gold Emblem Sour Fruit Slices
  • Gold Emblem Italian Meat Stick
  • Gold Emblem Shelled Pistachios with Sea Salt

Along with the new displays, CVS is rolling out tons of new products and deals that may change from time to time to keep customers in the store. In a time where money is tight and time can feel even tighter, CVS knows their customers are looking for easy ways to feed themselves and their families. Look for the new Snack Scene displays at a CVS near you.

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