Customers Voted—Here Are The 7 Best Trader Joe's Products in 2023

The store just announced the winners of its 14th annual Customer Choice Awards, and there were some surprises on the list.

Hot on the heels of announcing the inaugural inductees into its Products Hall of Fame, Trader Joe's is back in the news with some more customer favorites. Today, the store announced the winners of its Customer Choice Awards, an annual tradition where the store asks its customers to vote for their favorites, their ride-or-dies, their 'desert island' products.

To make things interesting, TJ's had previously stated the Hall of Fame products could not be considered for Customer Choice Awards moving forward, meaning this year's list is full of almost entirely new award winners. With over 18,000 votes tallied, the customers made their voices (and appetites) heard! So without further ado, here are the winners.

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The Trader Joe's 2023 Customer Choice Award Winners

Best Beverage

Trader Joe's honeycrisp apple sparkling beverage on a beachy background
Trader Joe's

The 2023 beverage winner was Sparkling Honeycrisp Apple Juice Beverage. A carbonated combination of, "100% honeycrisp apple juice, water, and bubbles", it's a sweet seasonal drink that became a fast fan favorite. Honeycrisp apples are super sweet on their own, lending a nice sweet-but-not-too-sweet level of natural sugar to the drink, with just a little tartness and true apple flavor.

On the store's podcast, Inside Trader Joe's, the two hosts actually disclosed that this was a new addition to the store this year due to supply chain issues. Rather than a 4-pack of smaller cans, this year's offering was a newly-packaged 12-oz. can, but clearly customers didn't mind. It is also worth noting this a seasonal item for fall and winter (it should still be on shelves for a little bit longer!), and the store plans to bring it back for Fall 2023.

The two runners-up were TJ's Triple Ginger Brew (another seasonal item from their holiday lineup) and Sparkling Peach Black Tea with Peach Juice. Apparently Trader Joe's customers like their bubble beverages!

Best Cheese

a grilled cheese made with trader joes caramelized onion cheddar cheese
Trader Joe's

With Unexpected Cheddar out of the mix (it's a hall-of-famer), this year paved the way for another cheese to rise to the top: Cheddar with Caramelized Onions. Similar to the Unexpected Cheddar, this cheese starts with a farmhouse-style cheddar from the English countryside, then gets a swirl of caramelized onion marmalade for that perfect sweet-and-savory balance. We can totally see why this took top spot—it's a versatile cheese perfect for grilled cheeses, mac & cheese, or charcuterie boards, but with that little something special to set it apart from the rest.

Runners-up include Syrah Soaked Toscano, a favorite of our editors, and a seasonal item: Baked Lemon Ricotta.

Best Produce Item

This pick is bananas—literally. At a steady price of 19¢ each for conventional bananas and 25¢ each for organic, it's hard to find a better deal in the produce section. These are a mainstay at TJ's and according to the podcast, the store works really hard to maintain the level of consistency and quality year round, yet keep the price the same. You could say bananas are TJ's version of the Costco hot dog.

Best Entrée

Orange Chicken has swept this category for years, but since it's been inducted into the Hall of Fame, it's time for a new frozen entrée to shine. This year's customer pick is Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice. According to their website, the entrée features an "authentic Indian recipe that showcases tender chicken chunks in a silky, mouth-watering curry". The curry is served with a side of cumin-spiced Basmati rice to make it the whole package.

This fan fave is also as easy to cook as a few minutes in the microwave, making it incredibly accessible and a popular pick for lunch. Plus, priced at just $4.49, it's a heck of a lot cheaper than takeout. The runner up this year was Chicken Tikka Masala, confirming TJ's customers have a deep love for Indian-inspired dishes!

Best Sweet/Dessert

Trader Joe's hold the cone mini ice cream cones on a beachy background
Trader Joe's

This snack may be tiny, but its reach and popularity far surpass its stature! Customers voted Hold the Cone! Mini Ice Cream Cones as their favorite sweet or dessert, and we can totally see why. Available in several flavors and iterations, these mini ice cream cones feature a crunchy cone, lined with chocolate, filled with ice cream, then dipped in a rich, chocolatey coating.

The mini ice cream comes come in several different flavors and iterations, some seasonal and some available year round, including: chocolate, vanilla, coffee, chocolate chip, pumpkin ginger, peppermint, and even a vegan "Hold the Dairy!" version.

Looking for more dessert inspiration? Runners up include Danish Kringles, Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Chocolate Lava Cakes. Or, take a hot tip from Ina Garten and buy the TJ's dessert she passes off as homemade.

Best Health and Beauty Aids/Household

According to the podcast, this item won by a margin of 2:1, and that item is Trader Joe's Seasonal Candles. With a variety of seasonal scents, Trader Joe's makes its candles with a paraben-free, soy-wax blend and cotton wicks that burn for up to 20 hours. Seasonal scents include: Peony Blossom, Cedar Balsam, Honeycrisp Apple, Vanilla Pumpkin, and more!

We can confirm: they smell great and at this price point—around $4 and up to $10 for the 'crackling' variety—it's hard to find a better deal for such lovely, high quality candles.

Best Vegan/Vegetarian

Trader Joe's vegan kale and cashew pesto with a mushroom sandwich in the background
Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's is a haven for people with special dietary needs, and their vegan/vegetarian selections don't disappoint. The customers' spoke and decided the best of the best was TJ's Kale & Cashew Pesto, a verdant, vegan take on a traditional Italian sauce. The creamy, garlicky condiment is incredibly versatile, equally amazing as a spread, sauce, dip, marinade, and more! I can attest—you don't need to be vegan to fall in love with this pesto.

Best Snack

Trader Joe's rolled tortilla chili and lime flavored chips

The Chili & Lime Flavored Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips dominated this category. They are the store's version of Takis, an extremely popular Mexican snack of extra crunchy, spicy chili-lime dusted tortilla chips. On the podcast, the hosts theorized that their popularity actually skyrocketed thanks to a (later proved false) rumor that they were being discontinued. In reality, some stores were just short on stock temporarily, but the threat of discontinuation evidently had customers expressing their appreciation by buying them in droves—and nominating them for the Customer Choice Awards.

The chips themselves are described as, "spicy little scrolls made from stone ground corn masa that is cut, rolled, and fried to a captivating crunchiness—then generously dusted with hot chili & lime flavored seasoning." To us they're the perfect snack in that once you get started, it's hard not to eat the whole bag; That little bit of heat on the backend always has us coming back for chip after chip.

The Organic Corn Chip Dippers in plain and elote-flavored were the #2 and #3 runners up, suggesting TJ's fans really love a good corn chip.

Best Overall Product

Apparently absence (or the threat of it) truly does make the heart grow fonder because the Chili & Lime Flavored Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips won best overall product, too! Whatever is in that chili-lime dusting makes them irresistible.

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