Scarfing ludicrous amounts of candy on Halloween night is our birthright. It's just how we (Tootsie) roll.

Fun Fact: According to TIME Magazine, Americans eat almost 1 pound of candy per person on Halloween night. That's 4% of the total amount of candy we'll eat all year...gone in one night.

That's a truckload of sugar, people. No doubt you'll feel the energy boost. You'll get a rush of dopamine to the brain. Whoo-hooo, sugar high! Enjoy it while you can, though. Because you're about to crash.

Let's just say, you owe your pancreas an apology. As you're bingeing on candy, it's busting its hump trying to produce enough insulin to pack the raging glucose into your cells.

As the glucose is shuffled off into the cells, your body reacts to the rapidly dropping blood sugar. You'll start to feel listless. You might even feel the urge to cram a few more fun-size Milky-Ways into your face Don't. Do. It.

Instead, go for a walk. Then tuck yourself into bed. And in the morning, when you wake up from your (most likely) fitful sleep, sit down to a protein-rich breakfast that's lowish in carbohydrates.

Yes, when your honking Halloween sugar high lets you down hard, here's what you need.

This baked egg treat will get you headed in the right direction. It features eggs, milk, ham, and cheese.

Baked Omelet
Photo by naples34102

After all that candy, you better get some greens.

Eggs Florentine
Photo by Baking Nana

Make delicious homemade sausage patties in advance and freeze. "Feel free to use whichever type of ground meat you prefer," says sammyc14. "Ground pork, chicken, or turkey."

Homemade Paleo-Style Breakfast Sausage
Photo by lutzflcat

There's more where these recipes came from. Check out 11 More Protein-Rich Breakfasts

And if your Halloween hangover is that other kind, we can help you there, too. Here is The One True Hangover Cure, Plus 6 Worthy Contenders.

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