College Staple Cup Noodles Turns 50 and Introduces New Stir Fry Flavors

Chicken stir fry, coming to a microwave near you.

What would we do without Cup Noodles? Though not the only microwave ramen maker in the game these days, there's no doubt that the dining habits of many college students, bachelors, and fans of quick, easy, Asian eats would look a little different if Nissin Foods hadn't introduced those cups of joy back in 1971.

Now, in honor of their 50th anniversary, they're blessing us with two new flavors of their Cup Noodles Stir Fry line, perfect for those who can't stand soup but want to microwave something delicious. Joining the squad in 2021 are teriyaki chicken and hot garlic chicken, offering both a spicy and a sweeter, slightly more umami-rich way to microwave some chicken and vegetables.

cup noodles stir fry flavors
Nissin Foods

Though Cup Noodles' ramen offering is almost old enough to collect an AARP card, their Stir Fry line is a much more recent development. Introduced in December 2019, the line debuted with Korean BBQ, Teriyaki Beef and a vegetarian Sweet Chili flavor, so the addition of chicken to the mix covers a definite blind spot.

It might seem intimidating for those so used to ramen, but the process of making stir-fry in a cup isn't all that different from preparing it the normal way. You're really just adding water into the cup, applying heat via microwave, and serving. Though the anti-MSG hysteria is a bit overblown at this point, it's perhaps worth noting that there's at least no added MSG in Cup Noodles stir fry.

So if you're planning on stocking a fallout shelter or just making a quarantined "meal prep" plan a little easier, know that there's some chicken stir fry on the menu. From a simplicity and cost effectiveness standpoint, it sure beats takeout.

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