Now we have a good reason to eat toast every morning.
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If you love the crunchy texture of crispy M&M's but also swoon for the the silky smooth texture of chocolate spreads, like Nutella or chocolate-nut butters, you can now have the best of both worlds in one chocolaty spread.

Although originally sold only in the U.K., you can now get M&M's Crispy Chocolate Spread in the United States for $16 on Amazon. It's sort of expensive, we admit, but it's totally worth it when you consider the volume and how amazing it will taste on your morning toast. The M&M's spread is thick and creamy with crunchy bits of crispy M&Ms. Think of it as a super chunky peanut butter but made with the classic candy and chocolate pieces instead.

Crispy M&Ms Chocolate Spread
Credit: Amazon

Buy it: $16.28;

How can you enjoy it? Let's count the many ways: eat it plain by the spoonful, dip pretzels or potato chips into it, spread on bread for toast, spread onto baked goods for extra chocolate flavor and a crispy texture, dunk fruit into it, add a spoonful to Greek yogurt or oatmeal, or more! You can enjoy it as a sweet snack, a little additive for an otherwise healthy meal, or a decadent, rich dessert.

Let your imagination run wild, add it to your shopping cart ASAP, and dig right in once it arrives at your door.

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