By Leslie Kelly

Bacon and eggs and toast are awesome, but they're even better with breakfast potatoes on the side. We've rounded up some top-rated 'tater recipes that will make any morning the start of the best day ever. From potato pancakes to Sheet Pan Totchos, these spectacular spuds have one thing in common: They're so good, you're going to want seconds, so double the recipe!

Pancakes, potato-style

Fans of the crunch factor go wild for these cakes of golden brown goodness. Possible toppings include sour cream, salsa, country sausage gravy, a perfectly fried egg or applesauce.


Heavenly Hash Browns

Diced or shredded and fried in a skillet with oil or bacon grease, these are also know as hashed brown potatoes, a dish that dates back to the 1890s. Pro tip: If you're short on time, microwave a russet potato for 5 minutes and shred. The Hashbrowner is THE absolute best tool for this technique.

Photo by KGora

Bet the House on These Winning Home Fries

These chunky delights speak to the potato purist. And to the cook who appreciate the option of oven-baked instead of sizzling on the stove top. No splatters to clean up.

Photo by hungryallweighs

Watch this short video for the full scoop on making those amazing Quick and Easy Home Fries:

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