Sometimes, you just need a big creamy casserole to satisfy those comfort food cravings. When it comes to vegan casseroles, you can add creaminess with clever ingredients like cashew nuts, coconut milk, and vegan cream cheese. Here are 5 of our favorite vegan casseroles, including vegan mac and cheese recipes, that will satisfy those cravings for creamy deliciousness. You really can have creamy comfort food that's totally vegan!

Thai-style vegan mac and cheese does it with coconut, curry, and cilantro. It's an exotic take on traditional macaroni and cheese.

Vegan Thai Mac n Cheese
Photo by Buckwheat Queen

More vegan mac and cheese! In this dish, ground cashews and nutritional yeast make an awesome creamy sauce which is just perfect with mushrooms and pasta.

Rave Review: "Added a few more vegetables and used lentils for the meat substitute. Was enjoyed by all. Even the non-vegans were enjoying it." -- Janice Peiffer

Ready for one more vegan mac and cheese? This one gets it done with soy milk and nutritional yeast, which creates a delicious creamy sauce.

Easy Creamy Vegan Macaroni and Cheese
Photo by Buckwheat Queen

Rave Review: "FANTASTIC!! I'm new to the vegan lifestyle, but this lasagna satisfied any craving for comfort food." -- Nicole Townsend

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