By Vanessa Greaves

Get your Creamsicle on!

Have you noticed? Creamsicles® are having a major moment. If you've never outgrown your craving for this childhood treat (and why should you?), you'll want to check out all the ways you can enjoy the nostalgia-inducing combo of citrusy orange and creamy vanilla. Inspiring everything from cheesecake to cocktails, it's a forever-young flavor mash-up that never gets old. And orange you glad?

1. Creamsicle® Cheesecake

Too bad the neighborhood ice cream truck didn't have this on the menu. Several reviewers added orange zest to bump up the flavor even more.

Photo by Melissa Goff

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2. Creamsicle® Pancakes

Here's a legit way to eat Creamsicles for breakfast. AmblerGee used freshly squeezed orange juice in the batter, and said the pancakes had a "wonderful, creamy orange flavor."

Photo by Meredith

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3. Orange Cream Fudge

Jen Gollnick says this creamy, dreamy fudge is a popular treat at her holiday celebrations. (Please add us to your guest list!)

Photo by lutzflcat

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4. Williamsburg Orange Cake

Jenn L used this recipe (minus the raisins and walnuts) to make orange Creamsicle cupcakes. Frosting idea: Add orange coloring to most of a batch of buttercream frosting, and pipe on top of cupcakes. Add a dab of white frosting to the very top, and garnish with a wooden popsicle stick.

Photo by Meredith

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5. Creamsicle® Punch

Orange soda, orange sherbet, and vanilla ice cream get together to make a batch of cool, fizzy refreshment you can share with the kids.

Photo by Meredith

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6. Orange Dreamsicle Ice Cream

"Absolutely yummy! I used sugar free orange drink mix to cut the sugar a bit and it worked perfectly." -- mauigirl

Photo by zeebee

7. Orange Cream Cocktail

This one's really for grown-ups only. peachybean added a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, and said she wanted to crawl into her glass and stay there forever. No judgement here.

Photo by Christina

8. Pineapple Creamsicle® Smoothie

"Yummy! As soon as I read this recipe I ran to the kitchen to make it!" -- pegvg

Photo by lutzflcat

9. Orange Creamsicle Candied Pecans

"This is a good variation on traditional spiced pecans that are served this time of year, but this has a nice twist...a subtle hint of orange." -- lutzflcat

Photo by lutzflcat

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