I've been obsessed with cheesy hash brown casserole ever since trying it for the very first time at my nephew's wedding last year, and recently decided to try combining two of my fave weekend brunch dishes. I came up with Cheesy Hash Brown Quiche, nailing it on the third attempt.

cheesy hash brown quiche
Photo by Leslie Kelly

Experimenting with Eggs

The first time around, I attempted to "blind bake" the hash browns as a stand-in for the pastry crust, pre-cooking them for 20 minutes before adding the egg mixture. I've loved variations of that approach to quiche made by friends, but this didn't deliver the gooey cheese that I wanted to see and taste on top of the egg-y casserole.

Next up, I tried mixing the frozen, shredded spuds in with the custard-that-becomes-quiche and while cooking, those hash browns released a bunch of water. The result was sort of soupy, though it still tasting OK.

Finally, on the third time around, pure gold! Here's how I did it: I sprinkled the hash browns on top of the crust-less quiche, and cheese on top of that. A portion of the potatoes embedded into the casserole, while most stayed up top, getting crispy and, well... brown. Follow my recipe, and then, for extra gooey good measure, add a little more cheese on top at the very end of baking and turn on the broiler for a couple of minutes.

Serve This Mashup With...

I usually love ketchup on the side when I make hash browns, but keep that red stuff away from my eggs, please. Fortunately, I had some ripe tomatoes, so I made a Pico de Gallo. That fresh salsa provided a refreshing contrast to the rich quiche casserole.

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