The chain's Heat N' Serve options take the hard work out of hosting Thanksgiving.
The Heat N' Serve Thanksgiving Dinner is available for preorder now
Cracker Barrel's Heat N' Serve Thanksgiving Dinner starts at $40
| Credit: Cracker Barrel

Though the calendar has yet to flip to November, it's already a cliche to say that ''[insert holiday] is probably going to look a little different in 2020.'' That doesn't make it any less true, however, especially when it comes to Thanksgiving, the food-centric affair that usually requires a good amount of travel, shopping, and cooking. 

If your thanksgiving plans involve a smaller guest list and (ideally) little to no cooking whatsoever, then perhaps the array of Thanksgiving options available from Cracker Barrel are worth a look. Featuring a mix of Thanksgiving staples with the occasional southern twist, the down-home chain's array of heat n' serve options should have everything you need to feed anywhere from three to ten eager eaters. 

Starting at just $40, the Country Fried Turkey Family Meal Basket to Go features tender, hand-breaded and fried turkey fillets topped with an herbed pan gravy, with sides including a Three Cheese Squash Casserole, Buttermilk Biscuits, and your choice of additional side. If you'd rather go bigger, the Country Fried Turkey Catering can serve four to six, including all of the above plus the choice of an additional side. Both are perfect options if you've decided 2020 is the year to finally try fried turkey but don't want to worry about accidentally blowing up your house.  

If you'd rather your turkey was prepared a bit more traditionally, the Thanksgiving Heat n' Serve Family Dinner To-Go features enough oven-roasted turkey breast, cornbread dressing, turkey gravy, cranberry relish to feed four to six (thanks to additional help from two sides). For a bigger Thanksgiving crowd, the Heat n' Serve Feast To-Go feeds up to ten with all the above, plus an extra turkey breast, sweet yeast rolls, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and choice of three sides. The highest-end option, this selection tops out at a price of $140. 

Each of Cracker Barrel's various Thanksgiving Heat N' Serve options come cold and can easily be reheated when it's time to gather everyone to eat, so there's no work on your part besides turning on the oven and setting the table. You can preorder these options from Cracker Barrel's website now, though it should be noted that prices and participation may vary by location. 

It's been a long, rough, year, so spare yourself the stress of Thanksgiving dinner by leaving all of the hard work to someone else. Heck, maybe even pass it off as your own cooking if you feel like it, because anyone willing to host Thanksgiving this year deserves some extra credit.