Even the smallest 'bailouts' are important.
Country Time Littlest Bailout
Credit: Country Time

Lemonade stands are a treasure of childhood summers. And who doesn't love a good, cold glass of lemonade when they've been out and about in the heat? Unfortunately, this year has been different, and many kids have had to shut down their lemonade stands due to COVID-19 and social distancing policies — and that means their money for summertime fun has also dried up.

But lemonade brand Country Time thinks kids who rely on their stands for income or at least a taste of the entrepreneurial spirit should be considered a business in need of some added support, so they're launching a stimulus program just for them.

Last week, Country Time announced the "Littlest Bailout Relief Fund" to put a "little juice back into the economy." They said in a news release that the company will send stimulus checks to the kids who can't operate lemonade stands this summer.

"This year, Country Time will continue helping kids and their lemonade stands to ensure even the smallest of businesses can keep their entrepreneurial dreams alive," the company said in its press release. "So, when life gives you social distancing, make lemonade."

Through August 12, parents of children 14 years or younger can apply, and if they meet the requirements they might win $100 as a Visa gift card and a commemorative check at CountryTimeBailout.com

According to the official contest rules, you can only apply with one entry per household and 1,000 winners will be selected at random — so not everyone will win (sorry), but it's worth applying!

We like Country Time's suggestions for how kids can spend their stimulus: "The check can offset the loss of revenue from the lemonade stand and can be saved, or better yet, spent to help invest in the local economy." So though they won't be juicing lemons, they can juice the economy this summer with a little extra spending power. Now that's sweet!

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