By Carl Hanson

Did you know cottage cheese was a fermented food? Oh yeah. Like yogurt, it's made from fermented milk. But unlike yogurt, cottage cheese doesn't seek fame and fermented-food fortune. It doesn't need mansions of glory; it's cool with an understated cottage lifestyle, secure in its old-school authenticity. Still, if these 5-star cottage cheese recipes have anything to say about it, cottage cheese is making a comeback.

1. Hummingbird Cake Cottage Cheese Bowl

Cottage cheese, pineapple chunks, banana slices, pecans, and coconut combine with a touch of maple syrup, pineapple juice, vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. "All your favorite Hummingbird Cake flavor in a slightly-better-for-you version!" says Kim. You'll love it for breakfast or as a light dessert.

Photo by Kim

2. Easy Lasagna I

"I skipped the ricotta for extra cottage cheese," says Cooking 101. "It turned out very very good."

Photo by Sonia renee

3. Cottage Cheese Salad with Egg and Radish

"My mother made this often when I was growing up," says TastesLikeChicken. "Lovely for breakfast, brunch, or light lunch.

Photo by Baking Nana

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4. Simple Cottage Cheese Pancakes

"These turned out great," says texasn8v. "Like others, I was too lazy to strain the cottage cheese, and I did add 1/2 tsp baking powder. These were a big hit in my low-carb house."

Photo by Marianne

5. Polish Noodles (Cottage Cheese and Noodles)

"This simple recipe came from the Polish side of my family," says Brandilynn7. "We simply called it 'cottage cheese and noodles' or 'lazy man pierogies.' It's great comfort food and can be made with any kind of noodle. It could be a side dish, but we always enjoyed it as a meal."

6. Sweet and Sour Faux Meat Balls

"These are the best 'fake' meatballs I have ever tasted," says LAURIE ADRIENNE. "It was almost scary how much they looked and tasted like 'real' meatballs."

Photo by LynnInHK

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7. Laura's Dip

"Nice! I like the texture of the cottage cheese in this," says SunnyByrd. "I might go a little heavier on the green onion and blue cheese, but the flavor does develop as it chills."

Photo by SunnyByrd

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8. Party Plentiful Guacamole

"I loved this recipe!" says ekochic. "I am a huge fan of cottage cheese and salsa, yet have never combined the two. If you like spice, use very spicy salsa because the avocado and cottage cheese cut the spice quite a bit. Yum!"

Photo by naples34102

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9. Mock Sour Cream II

"This was a pretty good sub for sour cream," says France C. "The consistency was perfect. Blend it up and let it sit for a few mins and it thickens up. On it's own, you can definitely tell it's cottage cheese, but as a topping or addition to a recipe, it's a tasty alternative. I put it on a baked potato and really appreciated the low fat and calories."

Photo by France C.

10. Deviled Eggless Salad

"I really love this!" raves sport1girl. "I actually do think it tastes like egg salad. After letting it sit overnight, I was blown away. And it's healthy! I really don't like cottage cheese, but you can't tell it's in there."

Photo by Linda(LMT)

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11. Fast-and-Fabulous Egg and Cottage Cheese Casserole

"A fabulous and easy dish. Best I have ever tasted," says Ron Hall. "I think the cottage cheese is the secret to light and fluffy."

Photo by Bonnie Oshea

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12. Authentic German Cheesecake

"I loved it," says cook101. "I put the cottage cheese in the blender to soften and smooth it. It turned out to be an amazing cheesecake. Loved the consistency and the taste. I will not look for any more cheesecake recipes since I have found the love of my life."

Photo by Melissa Goff

13. Sausage Egg Casserole

"I fixed this for a football tailgate party and everyone loved it," says CVOOS. "The cottage cheese gives it a moist texture."

Photo by madscientist

14. Country Cottage Potato Salad

"This is a terrific recipe," says Melissa Goff. "Something about the cottage cheese and the mayo make this recipe just stand out -- it's creamy-goodness. Love the flavor, love the creaminess and love the fact that it's really easy to put together."

Photo by Allrecipes

15. Green Waffles

Cottage cheese combines with fresh spinach, oats, chia seeds, and applesauce. "These are tasty, healthy waffles with the addition of superfoods" says Luke Hubbard. "Top with peanut butter, whipped cream and honey, sugar and cinnamon, or choose your favorite toppings."

Photo by Luke Hubbard

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