I Don't Care If Costco Raises Its Membership Fees, I Can't Live Without These 4 Products 

These Kirkland Signature products are so much better (and more affordable) than other grocery stores' versions.

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It's hard to beat the convenience, bulk quantities, and low prices at Costco, especially because it tends to have high-quality products. The downside? It is a club store that usually requires a membership to shop there.

On a recent earnings call Costco CFO Richard Galanti confirmed that it's "when, not if" in terms of a price increase on membership fees. This is just one more blow to shoppers dealing with rising food costs. But, as a regular Costco shopper, I know that the money I save buying items I use regularly far exceeds the membership fee, but saving money isn't the only reason I buy certain items at Costco. There are certain groceries that are simply better from Costco than anywhere else. Even when Costco raises its fees, I'm still renewing because I can't live without these four items:

Kirkland Signature Organic Dried Mangoes

Finding the perfect dried mangoes is like finding your favorite pair of jeans—you must try on a lot of pairs that just don't fit right until you find the ones you reach for every time. Once I found the organic dried mangoes from Costco, I've never not had a bag in the pantry. They're the perfect blend of natural sweetness and chewy texture at an unbeatable price.

Kirkland Signature Pure Vanilla Extract

Pure vanilla extract is very expensive, especially if you are buying small bottles, but this large bottle at Costco is a true value. Since baking is heavily reliant on good ingredients, make sure your sweet treats get a good dose of the real thing with this vanilla.

Kirkland Signature Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

As an avid cook, there is always at least one 2-liter jug of this organic olive oil in my pantry. Its olive flavor is on the more neutral side, which I prefer for my everyday olive oil. Plus, its certified by the International Olive Council, meaning it meets certain standards for quality and purity. From making big batches of pesto in the summer to eggs in the morning, there is no better olive oil for the price.

Kirkland Signature Organic Peanut Butter

This Kirkland Organic Peanut Butter is my favorite because of its very smooth texture and roasted peanuty flavor. Since we have a lot of kids, young and old, coming in and out of the house, I always keep a jar of this peanut butter and several types of jam on hand.

Overall, I am a big fan of Kirkland Signature products but these 4 grocery items from Costco are ones that I can't live without. They are high-quality, affordable, and add a lot of flavor to even the most basic of meals.

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