Why go out for brunch when you can bring this home?
costco 3 liter prosecco
Credit: @Costco_Empties

The weather's been unseasonably pleasant, so first weekend of November turned out to be a pretty good one for brunch. Despite the warmer temps, the reality is that soon enough, winter weather and the continued dubiousness of mid-pandemic indoor dining will force most of our brunches to take place at home. 

The good news, though, is that Costco has your boozy brunch needs covered. In typical Costco fashion, they're helping you go big when you have to go brunch at home, thanks to what @Costco_Empties identifies as a giant three liter bottle of Kirkland Signature Prosecco. 

Just in time for the holidays and hibernation season, this is a whole bunch of Prosecco from Italy, made using the Glera grape from Asolo, in the Italian province of Veneto. It comes bearing the DOCG classification, which is how you know it's somewhat legit. In terms of booziness, it weighs in at 11% ABV. 

Unsurprisingly, the fact that this is from Costco means you can get it at a pretty fair price: $29.99. Given that 3 liters of booze translates into four 750mL fifths of alcohol, that's a heck of a deal on the key ingredient in Mimosas and Bellinis. 

Of course, at a time of smaller gatherings and social distancing, you can certainly argue that nobody really needs three liters of a sparkling wine that could potentially go flat before you have a chance to finish it. But for $29.99, there's really no harm in trying to drink this whole thing with other members of your household, especially if you can just pass out on the couch immediately after brunch has ended. I mean, it's not like you've got a whole bunch of other plans this winter.