This sipper is sure to bring holiday cheer.
Costco Eggnog Wine bottles
Credit: Costcobuys on Instagram

You've probably had an eggnog (OK, or a couple rounds of eggnog, perhaps) during the holiday season, but there's now a new way to enjoy it — as a wine-based cocktail. What's that? We're am not sure, but it's found at glorious Costco, which means we're certain to find out.

Costco is selling a Kirkland brand eggnog wine cocktail, which is called the "Traditional Holiday Egg Nog Wine Cocktail," and it was recently spotted on Instagram. User @costcobuys posted a photo of it on the shelves, and people were gleeful.

The eggnog wine comes in a 1.5-liter bottle, so you can use it for parties or bring as hostess gifts during the season. Plus, you can always open it and pour a glass yourself when you want something warm, rich, boozy, and totally festive.

It's not going to just be a creamy or a sweet wine, though. The egg nog wine cocktail has a very high ABV, which is 13.9 percent, so don't go drink the whole bottle at once.

The 'nog doesn't cost much, just $8.99 per bottle, and it has real dairy cream inside of it, so it's high quality and should taste amazing. Based on users' replies, it totally does. We can't wait to find out.