Americans think nothing of grabbing an Egg McMuffin from McDonald's for breakfast. But what if your favorite fast-food joint featured a Brekkie Roll on the morning menu? How about Masala Scrambled Eggs? Or Thai Chicken Porridge? Here's a look at some of the wildest fast-food breakfasts from chains around the world and tips on how to make copycat versions in your own kitchen.

1) Hot Chef Cheese

From Where? McDonald's Brazil

Here's how you make it: This cheese-lover's delight includes a generous slathering of cream cheese, topped with Emmenthal cheese, sliced tomato and dried oregano oven toasted on a hamburger bun.

Pro-tip: Be sure to use a super-soft, squishy bun for maximum authenticity.

hot chef cheese
Photo by McDonald's Brazil

2) Brekky Dog

From Where? Wendy's Australia

Here's how you make it: A hot dog gets loaded with all of your breakfast favorites: bacon and eggs and cheese.

Pro-tip: Wrap the wiener in bacon and sear it on the stove top for a crispy snap.

brekky dog
Photo by Wendy's Australia

3) Bubur Ayam McD

From Where? McDonald's Malaysia

How do you make it? A comforting bowl of rice porridge, topped with green onions, ginger, fried shallots and diced chilies.

Pro-tip: Rice porridge, also known as congee or jook, is like the Asian version of oatmeal with one big difference: savory toppings. Feel free to add chopped bits of bacon or leftover fried chicken.

bubar ayam
Photo by McDonald's Malaysia

4) BBQ Brekky Wrap

From Where: Hungry Jack's (Burger King) Australia

How do you make it? Tuck scrambled eggs, grilled sausage patties, ham slices (eye bacon in the land Down Under), and cheese drizzled in barbecue sauce into a tortilla.

Pro-tip: Assemble the wrap and toast it in a pan until cheese melts.

Photo by Hungry Jack's

5) Dry Pork and Seaweed Doughnut

From Where? Dunkin' Donuts China

How do you make it? A yeast-raised doughnut gets a savory twist with a sprinkle of dried pork powder and seaweed pieces.

Pro-tip: Find those obscure ingredients at Asian supermarkets or online.

dry pork seaweed doughnut
Photo by Dunkin' Donuts China

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