By Leslie Kelly

How do you improve on Taco Bell's best-selling Crunchwrap? Add more crunch, duh!

The inside of a copycat Taco Bell Crunch Wrap. Photo by Leslie Kelly

Taco Bell's brilliant twist on a quesadilla gets its crunch from a tostada shell in the middle, nestled in between the hot filling and the cold, keeping the lettuce crisp. To that winning template, let's add Fritos, pork rinds and French fried onions. The key to this copycat is

that might make you dizzy, but after three or four tries, you'll nail it, promise.

Here's what you need to build a big, fat copycat Crunchwrap that turns the volume up to 11:

    1. Taco meat (You can upgrade the quality by using grass-fed beef fired up with organic taco seasoning)
    2. Pepper Jack cheese
    3. Shredded cabbage (Much crunchier than iceberg lettuce)
    4. Fritos
    5. Chicharones
    6. French fried onions (Finally, a way to use these golden gems beyond the traditional green bean casserole)
    7. Tostada shells
    8. 14-inch flour tortillas
    9. Guacamole
    10. Sour cream
    11. Hot pepper sauce
    12. Chopped tomatoes
    13. Chopped green onions
    14. Chopped pickled jalapenos

I knew I had struck junk food gold after assembling a practice Crunchwrap in the Allrecipes' Kitchen, the results quickly attracted an enthusiastic crowd. "We could make this for a party, let people build their own," somebody said. Suggestions for additional crunchy toppings were served up: Flaming Hot FunYuns, Spicy Nacho Doritos, Cheetos. This unofficial focus group also helped in assembling this massive masterpiece, urging me to move the cheese up to the top, where the folded tortilla meets the hot pan, making for a more melt-y texture. Also, it was advised that the sour cream be moved lower so it didn't heat up. Once you tear the Copycat Crunchwrap in half, more salsa could and should be added.

Like any copycat recipe, it's easy to pile on too much, and this packed creation barely closed over all the ingredients. Add anything more and you've got a hot mess, so resist the urge to add another X to this EXXXtreme version.

Here's a short video of the Copycat Crunchwrap being assembled.

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