Meet Shaurya, a budding cook to follow.
Shaurya a cook to follow from Mumbai
Allrecipes Cook to Follow: St. Jude patient Shaurya
| Credit: St. Jude

We teamed up with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® to mark this holiday season with inspiring stories from St. Jude patients who love to cook. Say hello to Shaurya!

About me: I’m Shaurya, 9 years old, and am from India. I am an affectionate child, well-mannered, intelligent, caring and respectful by nature. I adore my family and all my doctors and nurses at St. Jude. I love meditation and playing with my sister.

My favorite foods: Mostly Indian homecooked vegetarian meals like steamed Basmati rice. My favorite holiday foods are kebabs and biryani. I don’t like French fries or tater tots.

My favorite recipe: An Indian snack called golgappa. [Editor's Note: Shaurya's video has been delayed. Don't miss the recipe demos from Reed, and Smyrna.]

What I like to make: Eggs, cakes, noodles, and Indian snacks.

A typical family dinner: Roti, lentils, a dry vegetable, fresh yogurt, salad, and curry. I love to cook.

My favorite holiday to cook for: Diwali, our Festival of Lights that is our most significant festive holiday period. We cook several traditional Indian dishes.

My best holiday memory: This was a vacation at my friend’s home in Lonavala in the Western Ghats in India. We went trekking, played in the tree house, and ate delicious snacks.

When I grow up, I want to be: An author, a scientist, an inventor, but most importantly want to do something by which I can help St. Jude.

My favorite things to do: I love reading all types of books. I love building Legos using my own imagination, not the Lego book. I enjoy writing short stories (I published one and have two in process).

If I could have a superpower: I’d find a single shot to cure all types of cancer. No pain and no nausea of chemo.

My closest thing to an actual superpower: I can run very, very fast. I can do whatever I put my heart and soul to.

My favorite food from St. Jude: I enjoyed steamed momos (dumplings).

How I describe St. Jude: It’s a place where you can sit back, relax, and be assured you getting the best possible care in this world.

My advice for kids going through what I did: Don’t identify yourself with your illness. Talk to your disease in your mind like a character in a play; tell it “I am stronger and will win.” Enjoy the smallest things around. Hug and love yourself.

The best advice I ever got: Believe in yourself.

The best advice I ever gave: “Divine light; divine might”—I chant this all the time.

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