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Baked, mashed, fried, stewed, shredded, sliced, diced, wedged, or whole. Find recipes and tips for preparing this deliciously versatile vegetable.

Baked Potatoes

Simple baked potatoes dressed up with all the fixings are easy and delicious. But they're not the only way to bake a tasty tuber. Scalloped potatoes do the basic baker one better. With scalloped potatoes (a.k.a., potatoes au gratin), the shredded cheese and cream are baked together with thinly sliced potatoes in the same casserole to create a sensational, savory side dish with an amazing cheesy crust.

Creamy Au Gratin Potatoes | Photo by lutzflcat

Mashed Potatoes

Whether you like 'em light and fluffy or smooth and creamy, mashed potatoes are a must.

Photo by Meredith

Deep Frying

Homemade French fries are a delicious treat. Get that crispy golden exterior and soft, fluffy interior, right in your very own kitchen.

Chef John's French Fries | Photo by Baking Nana

Make Lighter French Fries: Instead of pre-heating your peanut oil, add the potatoes to a skillet full of unheated peanut oil. Then turn the flame to medium high and cook until the fries are golden brown (about 30 minutes). Starting with cool oil keeps the potatoes from absorbing as much oil.

Potato Salad

Potato salad is a great addition to your meals at any time of year. Pick the right potato variety and the perfect seasonings to make your own signature recipe, or try out some of our popular recipes.

Potato Salad | Photo by bd.weld

Making Latkes

Whether you call them potato pancakes or you call them latkes, these crispy golden patties will make everyone's eyes light up no matter what the occasion.

Potato Latkes I | Photo by Montana

Cubing Potatoes
Learn how chefs cube their potatoes perfectly for soup, home-style hash browns, potato salad, and more! Get professional-looking results and evenly cooked spuds every time; just follow the photos in this step-by step tutorial.

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