One berry, two berries, red berries, blueberries … it's easy to love berry season. It's also easy for the single home cooks to get carried away and buy more than we can immediately eat. I love berries but I've had to learn two things: how to keep berries from getting moldy and gross and what to make with a lot of berries.

Here's a handy guide to some of my favorite recipes, organized by the amount of berries needed, so you can use up every last one. Try substituting one type of berry for another.

One Cup of Berries

958126_Blueberry Lemon Breakfast Quinoa Photo by LilSnoo resized


Main dish:

Dessert and drinks:

Two Cups of Berries

876294_Raspberry Refesher Photo by Paula resized


Main dish:

Dessert and drinks:

Three Cups of Berries

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Four Cups of Berries

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Main dish:


Six Cups of Berries….. To Steal The Show at the BBQ!

Blackberry cobbler garnished with raw blackberries, a mint sprig, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream
Baron's Blackberry Cobbler | Photo by abapplez

We've got you covered with hundreds of berry recipes.

Try your hand at making berry jam and explore the health benefits of blueberries.