If you're a devotee of the cooked-on-demand cookie, you've probably tried those "break and bakes" from the grocery store. But that chemical flavor just can't compare with homemade.

Lucky for you, there's a new over-the-top option for embracing your cookie obsession: A little "smart" cookie oven that bakes up to four cookies at a time. It's not just an appliance, it's a lifestyle: You can subscribe to a cookie dough service and receive a monthly shipment of cookie-dough "pods" to drop into your machine.

Photo by Side Chef

Hey, presto, no more measuring, cooking, or clean-up mess. Just pop in a pod, scan the packaging, and the little "CHiP" oven bakes those cookies to perfection. You can also use your own homemade dough.

Get in on the ground floor on Kickstarter through Dec. 2 to lock in your CHiP for $99 - that's about $150 off the retail price. Yes, $250 is a lot for a cookie-baking appliance. And those cookie "pods" add up to about $1 per cookie. But whipping up a single warm cookie on a whim? Priceless.