By Hayley Sugg

Zombies crave them, mad scientists collect them, and now it's your turn to cook with them. We're talking about brains!

Before you worry that we're taking a plot point from "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom," none of these recipes contain actual brains. Instead, they rely on culinary creativity like creepy molds and a dash of food coloring to get the job done. These dishes make the ultimate addition to a Halloween potluck, can seriously upgrade a scary movie marathon, or simply serve as an easy way to scare the neighborhood children out of trick-or-treating at your house ever again.

These recipes range from desserts to appetizers and drinks, so if you want to get extra weird this Halloween season, it's possible to serve an entire meal composed entirely of brain-inspired dishes.

1. Brain Hemorrhage

Delight (and disgust) guests with this unique shot recipe. Grenadine and peach schnapps make the bloody base for this boozy drink, while a dollop of Irish cream liqueur gives the brain-like affect. Deborah McCarthy's recipe has great ratings from users and a few reviews give the advice of making sure your liquors are chilled for the cream to curdle into a brain shape.

Photo: Virginia Stephens

2. Shrimp Cocktail Brain

Our scary shrimp cocktail recipe is sure to be a hit at your next Halloween party. Unflavored gelatin gives this dish by Cammie a jiggly base, while flavorful ingredients like cocktail sauce, celery, and water chestnuts add an irresistible taste and crunch. If you want to get extra fancy with it, you can substitute crab meat for part of the cooked shrimp.

Photo by pattyw67238

3. Pink Brain Shooter

Forget Jell-O shots for Halloween activities; this eerily realistic brain shooter should make an appearance instead. An incredibly easy dish, the recipe was created by Animator's Wife and just requires cooking/setting the gelatin in a combination of evaporated milk and peach schnapps. You can follow the optional food coloring step to make the brain even more lifelike, or skip it to keep things simple. If you're bringing the brain shooter to a party with children, it can easily be made with water instead of schnapps for a kid-friendly version.

Photo by Kriss The Cook

4. Brain Dip

If you're looking to avoid food coloring or having to buy a brain-shaped mold, then this dip recipe might be the perfect choice. The recipe, created by ANNIE1, uses a head of cauliflower as the base to hold a mixture of avocado and salsa. If you're wanting to keep it all-natural, you can substitute slices of red bell pepper for the red fruit leather. Hoping to make it even easier? Buy pre-made guacamole to skip a step.

Photo: Allrecipes magazine