Video star Julia Levy is one of the 60 million cooks who visit every month. She chatted with us about life, her new how-to-cook video series, and her love of leftovers (and Elmer Fudd). Read on to learn more about Julia, and get her recipe for Korean fried chicken.
Julia Levy in a kitchen
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Meet Julia

About me: I grew up in West Windsor, New Jersey, and I now live in Birmingham, Alabama. My handle on Allrecipes and Instagram is "Theotherjuliagulia." It refers to The Wedding Singer. I like to say that it ruined my childhood, but it really didn't. I was just called Julia Gulia for a looooong time so I thought I'd finally embrace it. I love making classic dishes gluten-free and playing with my dog, Elmer Fudd.

My day job: I'm one of the hosts for the new video series You Can Cook That on Allrecipes and YouTube.  I'm also a professional recipe tester and developer.

My video mission: I want You Can Cook That viewers to learn something new about an ingredient, a technique — or anything at all — and have fun doing it. Many of the topics seem basic, but I've been told just how helpful the tips and videos have been even to seasoned cooks. It's great! It takes about two hours to shoot one episode, since I struggle sometimes with speaking words out loud and sounding like a dingbat.

A fact few people know: I have difficulty throwing things away. Some people might say that I'm a hoarder, but that's just hyperbolic and downright untrue. I like to call it "Depression Baby Syndrome."

Obsessions: True crime podcasts, my dog, running, and saving foods from the trash.

Food discovery that changed my life: Leftovers! I am just so zonked from cooking all day, so leftovers save my life every night so I don't have to cook once I get home. I also save money on groceries by just repurposing leftover ingredients or components. It's the best.

My favorite things to cook: Chocolate chip cookies. That, and my Korean-Fried Chicken.

If I could have a superpower: It would be to apparate/teleport. I love to travel but get super stressed in airports, and driving can just take too long. I want to go to New Zealand and be a hobbit for a day. Or forever.

My closest thing to an actual superpower: Organizing many items neatly into a small space.

Rare talent no one will pay me for: Loading a dishwasher.

My kitchen is: Teeny-tiny-small but super organized.

I could tell you the secret recipe for: Ranch Ice Cream — but I'm trying to forget about it.

Best cook I know: You know who you are.

For my last meal on Earth: Unagi nigiri (eel sushi), refried beans, aloo paratha (flatbread stuffed with spicy potatoes), and gooey cinnamon rolls with cream cheese glaze. They may not go together, but they all go down the same.

Best advice I ever got: Trust your senses.

Kitchen tool I can't live without: Chef's knife and a bench scraper. Cutting boards are pretty great, too.

Who I cook for: Just me. And lots of church friends.

Recent cooking success: Coming into work every day and getting to do what I do.

Favorite world cuisine: Indian. Hands down.

In my fridge right now: Unsweetened almond milk, spinach, haricots verts, almond butter, beaucoup condiments, a couple of kombuchas, and a Brita filter.

My hobbies: Singing. Playing with my dog, Elmer Fudd. Reading. And fitness. (Hobby No. 2 can get in the way of the others.)

Life With Julia

That's me and my family in Granada, Spain.

Julia Levy with family
Credit: Courtesy of Julia Levy

Me with some friends at a wedding in Detroit.

Julia Levy with friends
Credit: Courtesy of Julia Levy

This is when I found Elmer Fudd at the shelter, just before I took him home.

Julia Levy with her dog
Credit: Courtesy of Julia Levy

Get the recipe for Julia's Korean-Fried Chicken

"This recipe that I developed quickly became a favorite in the test kitchen. One coworker has me make it for him for his birthday every year." —Julia Levy

Julia's Korean Fried Chicken
Credit: Victor Protasio

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This article originally appeared in the June/July 2020 issue of Allrecipes Magazine.