Add a little sparkle to our baking with fun sprinkles and bright colors. Here are some of our favorite products to do so (and recipes to try with them).

By Samantha Lande
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Funfetti Pancakes with Vanilla Cream Sprinkle Sauce
Credit: My Hot Southern Mess

We are all at home a whole lot more right now, and baking has been a therapeutic avenue for so many people. Many of us are looking to add a little fun into our days (especially with kids around!). So we've found the ultimate way to do that — through sprinkles and other fun baking accessories that add just a little more sparkle and whimsy to already delicious desserts. Here are 11 of our favorites and a few recipes to use them in.

beautiful briny sea stay at home sprinkle kit
Credit: Beautiful Briny Sea

1. Stay-at-Home Sprinkles Kit

Beautiful Briny Sea may be beloved for their sea salt blends, but they have always made awesome sprinkles. And because they know so many of their customers are staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic, Beautiful Briny Sea are offering an extra special blend: their Stay at Home Sprinkles, which is a three-pound grab bag of sprinkles. What's more, $10 of each purchase goes to support Frontline Foods. We think these sprinkles are the perfect ones to use for Sprinkle Muffins.

Fancy Sprinkles I Scream Sprinkles
Credit: Fancy Sprinkles

2. I Scream Sprinkles

Whether you love to scream for ice cream, or at this point just need to scream, these ice cream-themed sprinkles from Fancy Sprinkles bring pops of bright color and a little character to your baked goods. They'd make the perfect birthday sprinkle and add magic to these Ice Cream Cone Treats.

Buy it: $8;

Wilton Mini Candy Eyeballs
Credit: Michaels

3. Candy Googly Eyeballs

Edible googly eyes aren't just for Halloween. They can add some fun to just about any dessert, especially kid cupcakes. These mini candy eyeballs can help make animals, monsters, or characters come to life in your baked goods.

Buy it: $5;

Wilton Green Sparkle Gel
Credit: Target

4. Sparkle Gel

If there is a lot of cookie or cake decorating happening in your house, it may be time to add some sparkle. This sparkle gel is great for writing messages or any other way you would typically use royal icing. Try them on these Thick Cut-Out sugar cookies to add a little glitter to your designs.

Buy it: $2;

Credit: Sur La Table

5. Neon Coloring Gels

Want to get creative with adding color to your frosting for rosettes or to achieve a tie-dye look in your pastries? These neon colored food coloring gels are concentrated bursts of color to add to your baked goods. Try them in this Special Buttercream Frosting or these Rainbow Clown Cakes.

Buy it: $6.50;

Rainbow Girl Pow Sprinkles by Supernatural
Credit: Supernatural

6. All-Natural Sprinkles

If you are avoiding anything artificial or need a product sans allergens, these Supernatural sprinkles use all-natural plant-based colorings to bring brightness to their sprinkles. This Girl Pow blend has fun stars and cute little boxing gloves that would look oh-so-perfect on top of these Magic Wands.

Edible Sprinkles - Pixie Dust edible sugar and glitter blend
Credit: NeonYolk

7. Edible Pixie Dust

Tinkerbell can dust your baked good with magic or at least it'll look like it with this edible pixie dust. The blend of edible sugars and glitters also makes a great rim for a cocktail. Use it to sparkle up these Pretty Cake Pops or add some fairy dust to Fairy Bread.

Buy it: $5+;

Credit: Sur La Table

8. Shimmer Spray

Add a little sheen to your baked goods, and they'll look that much more professional. This gold or silver pearl shimmer spray adds the perfect bit of extra to Macarons or an Angel Icing.

Buy it: $7.50;

Williams Sonoma Sprinkles, 1985
Credit: Williams Sonoma

9. 1980s Sprinkle Mix

Why should kids have all the fun? This 1980s-inspired sprinkle mix is full of fun pastel and iridescent sprinkles and fun little red lips, everything that was so great about the '80s (minus the big hair). It's the perfect add to a morning surprise of Funfetti Pancakes with Vanilla Cream Sprinkle Sauce or Funfetti Donut Holes.

Buy it: $10;

Unicorn Sprinkle Mix
Credit: ConfectioneryHouseCo/Etsy

10. Unicorn Sprinkles

We could all use some unicorn magic now, so why not channel it with these sprinkles? This unicorn sprinkle mix is complete with little sugar unicorns and gold dusted unicorn horns. It is the ultimate add on to this Unicorn Waffle Taco Sundae.

Buy it: $7;

Watkins Rainbow Sprinkles
Credit: Watkins

11. Watkins Rainbow Decorating Sprinkles

Watkins is beloved for their high-quality seasonings, extracts, and spices. But don't sleep on their collection of baking decorations. We especially love the Rainbow Sprinkles, which are made without artificial dyes, corn syrup, or gluten. They'd be the perfect pick for these Funfetti Gooey Bars.

Buy it: $5;

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